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An exciting new day awaits the moment I woke up from bed. But today seemed rather different to my usual routine.  The rainy and cloudy weather made me feel even more sleepy. It was one of those days where I just wanted to stay and curl up  in bed and just read Archie comics for the whole day. I didn’t even feel like making  loose leaf tea (Gasp!!! did I just say that?)

Living in a hectic and hasty environment, where we want things to be done NOW NOW ( like zapping food into the microwave). This sometimes leaves me with very little time to slow down and appreciate the simple things that are right in front of me, but still fail to see.

One of the many ways I like to enjoy the simple moments in life is to have tea.

Whether it be early in the morning, afternoon, evening.

It can be enjoyed in solitude.

or in the presence of family and friends.

There’s just something about preparing tea, whether it be using a tea bag or my favorite loose leaf tea 🙂, which gives a sense of relaxation before the tea is finally made.

  • To be able to notice the colour change (depending how to strong you like your brew).
  • The distinct shape of the leaves
  • The aroma (especially the herbal and fruit infusions)

A warm and hearty brew that literally gives me peace of mind.

Even though black, green white, etc require different preparation and brewing , I mostly enjoy drinking tea straight, or have a dash of milk with English/ Irish Breakfast tea.

And that’s quite simple.

The moment it is ready. I can sit back and relax, read a book, blog, do whatever.

Because at the end of the day, taking the time stop and be grateful for the small things in life does count, and it gives me a reason  to go through my day with a  smile.


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Garden Maze

I have always loved back when in high school , when we had to grow our own vegetable patch for a whole semester in agriculture. I remember that our group grew beetroot, lettuce and snow peas. It was so much fun, (I mean who would want to be stuck in class, when you could be out on a sunny day, since it was spring at the time 🙂 )

Growing your own plants can be rewarding and great way to enjoy the outdoors, and to get some sunlight, fresh air. It can also be a another way of getting to know your community a bit better if you are keen on participating in community gardens. Plus you get to pick the fruit and vegetables and get that satisfaction of knowing that you worked hard to grow them.

When I was  in my first year of uni, even though I was pursing a nutrition degree, I chose plant science as one of my electives. My friends were scratching their heads in disbelief, and you could easily easy their  facial expression “What on earth is he thinking. Man I wanted to pick another elective and get out of this unit like a roadrunner”.

Many people that I know seem to have a nice connection with their plants, gardens, landscapes and the environment. I totally agree with them when it comes to this idea.

I was inspired for my love for plants and the environment when I was given two free plants from Plant Life Balance on my way to work. I was given instructions in regards to how to take care of them. It seemed like a route and a total bore watering them and seeing no growth at that day. But when the days and weeks pass by, you do see how your plant frondescence into new leaves or blossom into incredible stunning flowers.

Plus they add a nice touch to the room. 😉

Because  of this I bought even more plants 🙂


It was one of those hot sunny days again. The Adegbola Brothers (Abimbola and Bunmi) made their way to the enchanted maze in Mornington Peninsula.

Personally I love going outdoor, especially when it involves seeing new and unfamiliar landscapes and the environment . I feel like  I can let my mind take a break and relax from all of the bombardments of thoughts that usually occur in my mind.


I was immediately drawn  into the whole scenery, it was so calm and peaceful.

There were so many different types of mazes, which made the experience even more exciting.

If you like going outdoors and solving small puzzles, and like to have no form of navigation, well then the enchanted garden maze might be a place you might want to visit next time.

We thought it would be fun to separate and go our own way.

That’s when until I didn’t really see anyone for a while. My idiosyncratic behavior of clapping my hands to locate my brother probably wasn’t the best way of getting their attention.

Then finally we all found other. We went to other mazes until we thought we should call it a day.

How do you like to spend your outdoors?

  • play sports,
  • go for a walk/jog,
  • gardening.
  • Go out with friends?
  • or something else that is not in this list??? 🙂