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I remember when it was Tuesday I went to my old Uni  and had a lovely lunch with my friend Vy, and also had a productive study session with Romina . It was great catching up, talking, you know what all happy uni students do when they have not seen their friends in a while. But most of all It made remember how great it is to really laugh so hard that people think you are crying and  you roll on the floor laughing (Ahh I love those hysterical moments)

                                                                         LIVE & LAUGH 🙂

I got these interesting points (from my really Old Youth bible), which talks about the power of laughter, and why we should include more laughter.

Need a reason to laugh? Consider these:

  • It takes 72 muscles to frown, but only fourteen to smile.
  • Laughing relieves stress. After you laugh , your blood pressure briefly falls below normal, breathing slows, and tension subsides.
  • A standford University doctors says that laughing 100 times a day is about the same amount of exercise as ten minutes of rowing a boat.
  • Laughing may release natural painkillers in your body that have been found to combat arthritis and other painful conditions.
  • Happy patients usually work harder to recover , ” say the humor coordinator at a hospital in New York. So the hospital has a humor room where patients can benefit from funny books, tapes and music.
  • Isaiah 40-11 gives us an even better reason to smile, laugh and celebrate  with joy. Read the promise that will bring smile back on your face.
So definitively cultivate  laugh and humor, or better be a comedian and make others laugh WITH you (maybe not AT YOU 🙂 ) with every given opportunity. It does wonders to the body and mind, at the end of the day you’ll feel more positive and a whole much happier 🙂