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Good times


This week was of one those weeks where life threw a REALLY heavy curve ball at me,which influenced my motivation for this week. Sigh =_=****. The pressure and bombardments of life can sometimes weigh you down. Although there are times of solitude, a time to think things over by yourself, there are also a times where it was nice to be around people who energize  and make you feel like your un-top of the world. Today’s post I thought it would be nice to take a  small snap shot of a day with friends 🙂

AshieBee (Ashley Ng) BitterSweetDiagonsis.  Vivacious, kind-hearted,fun, caring,  and graceful. She is exciting and knows to how entertain, and make you feel good about yourself.

Ashely PwlorNot (Ashely Lau) Flavours to burn.  Cheerful, bubbly, admirable, all heart, gracious,  DIVA!!!!. A smile that is priceless, she will make you laugh till your socks come off.

We will always have something in our to do list that we may not finish (trust me, I can testify to that). Truth be told, we may not always be cross everything from the list.

Nonetheless, It’s important to realize to enjoy and appreciate the people around you who make you day even better, and to give yourself a pat on the back after a days worth of hard work 🙂

So have fun and run wild ( not too wild that will get you into mischief).

I will admit balancing uni, with other commitments is hard and is something that I am still learning. However I am 100% sure that including time to socialise with family or friends  will add something more meaningful to your day 🙂



Elgar Rd

Although Deakin uni has car parking, I usually park my car in one of the neighbourhood street close to Elgar Rd, which takes about 10 minutes to walk to uni. Initially my reason for doing this was because I decided not to pay for parking permit, which was a bit frustrating at first walking to uni.

Eventually I began to enjoy taking these small walks to uni, which allowed me to have some time to think about my day. With all of the hustling and bustling of finding parking at uni (since semester two had only begun a few weeks ago), it’s nice to know that there will always be a parking close to Elgar Rd.

Elgar Rd. A simple road, that is  filled with wonders 🙂 . While I was walking the other day, I noticed some things along the way that don’t usually captivate my attention. Nonetheless these things reminded me of:

New opportunities and growth

A new day of  bringing new ideas and actions into fruition.

To always eat something good for myself

and those in moderation 🙂 too

A new day to think positive and see the good in everything

To  balance my priorities as well as keeping my focus.

To acknowledge that each step whether I stumbled or fall would essentially be lessons that will help maker me a better person.

Without me  even realizing, in a few minutes I’m right in front of the uni ready to accomplish these things 🙂


Minestrone Soup!

What woke me up at 6:00am on a Sunday morning was the sound of the rain drops falling on our tinned roof, producing that exact frequency and precise pitch, which was comforting and soothing to my ears drums. I glanced across my window watching the dark grey clouds dominate the sky,while wrapped in a warm cosy blanket, which made me even more drowsy.

“Five minutes just, five minutes pleaseeeeee” I repeated to myself before getting out of bed. Funny thing how that five minutes always turns into 1 hour. Well thank goodness it was Sunday.

Every step along the dark hallway was the like stepping on ice, even though I was wearing socks, my feet were so cold that I felt a tingling sensation all around my feet. It was like electrical currents passing through my ankles all the way to the tip of my toes. I was looking for Ugg shoes. I don’t usually wear them, but once I slipped my two feet into these shoes of paradise , there was no turing back. Taking these shoes off was no longer an option.

You know what else is comforting when its cold and raining outside? SOUP!!!!!

Both my friends Ashley and Ashley (yep it’s two people), and I have an obsession for soup. Getting canned soup from the supermarket is convenient and quick when you on the run. However, you absolutely cannot compare the quality of the flavour homemade soup with canned soup. There is something sentimental about making you own soup at home giving it that extra burst of unique flavours, driving the winter blues away, that is whether you eating enjoying soup in solitude or with a group of family and friends. After all, I love watching how each food ingredient is combined to prepare the finial dish.

Bitter cold days/nights definitely calls for liquid nourishment, and this soup recipe is just what the doctor ordered! It is also a great way adding different vegetables in your diet as you will obtain fibre and a whole range of other important nutrients to keep your body healthy.

You can experiment with different vegetables and different seasonings, then you will have a warm homemade soup that literally will give you peace of mind ( which kept my taste buds happy :)).

And how could I forgot the tea. ( My current obsession at the moment is green tea jasmine). Happy Sunday!!!!

I’d like to dedicate this post to both of my soup buddies Ashley and Ashley (or should I say ash^2  ^-^, let’s have soup together soon.

This recipe was adapted from the following website. in this recipie, I used beef strips instead of bacon and the four canned bean mix instead of  kidney beans as well as adding cauliflower and zucchini .The website includes more information on how to freeze, thaw and re-heat the soup. However, being in a family of 7, this soup will most likely be consumed in a matter of minutes.