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Nutrition Promotion

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It was about 2 years ago since my dad had a stroke while driving and was admitted to Alfred Hospital. The chances of him living very slim and we thought that we were going to lose him (this seriously needs another post to talk about this story). Glory be to God, he was fine, but needed to take lots of rest and the stroke did affect him to some degree. Our GP has told him that his blood pressure is very high, therefore, he still needs to be careful of what he eats. But the thing is our family (I think on my dad’s side has had a history of high blood pressure =| ).


I was very happy to hear when my dad told me that he is serious about taking the initiative to live a healthy lifestyle. I felt like I was on top of the world.


So we decided to go to Victoria Market to buy our fresh produce. We were walking around different stores. The first thing a friend recommended for my dad to include in his diet was kale, which I agree 100%.  So we bought three bunches of kale . While we bought our produce, he asked so many questions such as “what is this?”, “how can something with this fruit? ” What health benefits does it provide? To be honest, I was quite happy answering all the questions, because I was teaching the different nutrients that the fruits and vegetables consists of and how it can help nourish the body. I started to teach him how and where and how to buy  fresh produce and taught him how to prepare certain meals from the food that we bought. This sentence kept resounding in my mind

I love nutrition promotion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yummy nectarines

In Nigeria, there’s a saying which goes like this,

Charity begins at home.


In the future, Right now, I am really keen in providing nutrition counselling and teaching people culinary skills, which can used to suit each persons  cultural and personal food preferences. In order for me to do this, I need to start helping improve the nutrition and health with my family. While teaching my dad about these simple skills helped improved his eating style and his health. By replacing the mother energy drink (which he drinks ONLY because its sweets), he swiped around a quarter of the amount of sugar that is recommended for adults to consume. As a result,  I believe that is a good start rather than eliminating all added sugar, which would be more tedious .


Because he has developed these skills, he is able to choose healthier choices more often, and I still find OK when occasionally indulges in a sweet treat, because healthy eating does include eating the things you love as well in moderation. this is also influenced my younger brother as he looks what my dad is eating. Overall nutrition promotion has brought my family closer and has improved my dads nutrition by taking small steps rather than changing his whole diet completely.

I  decided to take an online unit on nutrition promotion via Couersa (thanks Ashely for introducing me to this website) as I am keen on expanding my knowledge in this field and applying this to a culinary perspective. Surprisingly there are a lot of programs in Melbourne dedicated to nutrition promotion. this year, I’m interested in participating in the cooking demonstration for Nutrition Australia. I very excited about this because it also enables me to get to know the community.


I won’t lie, sometimes I do get a bit frustrated when I’m watching a Korean drama ( Yes I love Korean drama) , and I have to stop the drama about seven times, to show my dad how to cut and de-seed a pomegranate, julienne a carrot etc. But at the same time, I remind myself, that I am also learning new skills for the future as well.

Egg plant


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