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A day at uni

Life of a budding researcher 

Food Preparation


Sensory testing







mango chicken salad

Nature Walk

Life of a student researcher ends

foot steps


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Pep Talk


Today, I was challenged in regards to the last post I wrote about, which was  finding a career. Just after I published my last post, I got another letter saying that my application was not successful. This time, I didn’t feel so down.  I told myself that I will still continue to move on with life  and choose happiness, even when job hunting is difficult. Also a friend of mine sent this inspirational pep talk and I would love to share to all my reader.





To  Kunle Adegbola,

All applications have now been reviewed in accordance with our strict selection criteria and unfortunately on this occasion your application was unsuccessful.

We encourage you to register your interest on our website or contact us again should you see a position suitable to your skills and experience.


Does this sound familiar to you?

I have joined the bandwagon of students who have graduated  and now have to face the reality of looking for a job. To tell you the truth, two weeks ago, the process of applying and waiting for replies was frustrating. I mean, not having a job meant no money, eating spam 3 times a day, in a dilapidated  caravan, ok I’m just exaggerating). Nonetheless, this made me question whether if I had made the right decision to apply for intermission for Masters of Dietetics for 2014.  While part of my dream involves becoming a community dietician, I realized after 5 years of studying with no VACCATION, I decided that I needed to drop the nutrition books otherwise I would have burnt out in my studies.It wasn’t an easy decision for me to make and I actually planned to advance my studies this year after completing honours. After meeting a uni counsellor and I discussed that I felt exhausted mentally and physically and that my creativity and productivity has decreased last year. He also agreed with my decision of apply for intermission.  He also raised an important point, that was  how would I tell my friends that I won’t be studying this year? To be honest, that did not come across my mind when I was making this decision. I did tell my close friends that I needed to evaluate myself, time to think over things carefully and they supposed my decision (thank you guys :). Sometimes making these decision are scary as I don’t know what to expect.


Since I havent heard any replies, I didn’t want this to be an excuse for me to become a couch potato, complain  ” oh well, no one is giving me a job, let me just sit down watch TV, eat a bag of chips and call it day, NO WAY!!!!!! . The fact that I’m still looking for a job has not changed. However, my perspective towards the situation has changed for the better. I have decided that will continue to develop my career, even if it means I don’t have a job. I have 3 points, I am

1.  Focusing on my job as VP of education at Deakin Toastmasters where I am educating others and implementing  education programs that help refine people’s verbal communication and interpersonal skills. In fact, last week  I was invited as a speaker to present a speech to Deakin University English Language Institute (DUELI) students about Toastmasters . To my surprise, the students were quite intrested and one lady asked me if I was interested in doing another speech in the city which I was very happy to hear.

2.  Continuing to teach nutrition promotion at home to my family. i have also developed a new interest which is home economics and teaching with both adults and children.

3. Continuing my role as a research assistant at uni and to complete the 10 participants that are remaining.


Rather than complaining and moping around, these difficult situations are exposing and shaping me into a person who I thought I would have never become. Life does have its up and downs, but over time I am learning how to get back up on my feet and start walking towards my destination with more determination and passion than before. 

For me personally, when I do have those relapsing thoughts about no job I will remind myself to:

  • To let go and let God.
  • To pray until something happens and take action even if it means that I have to wait more than expected, because good things come in time.

doc 119

                                                                                         “Never stop praying” 1 Thessaloinans 5:18 (NLT) 

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Always sisters forever brothers

I have a confession. Around 10 years ago, I could not stand my sister. She used to annoy me so MUCH!!!!She told me the same thing . I realized when you grow older in life, you start to  realize that you only get one chance in living. This brought me to my senses and made appreciate my siblings. We are different, but we respect each other and now we have become like best friends.  This song I’ve posted is originally decided to sisters. But today, I would like to personalize it in regards my relationship with my sister. Just as she supported me when I graduated, I was more than happy to take the best pictures and make it her day. Wooooooo!!!!!!
Always Sisters, & brothers  Always Friends 
Always Sisters, & brothers, Always Friends
Let’s stay real close till the end
Forgiving each other, letting love cover
Always Sisters & brothers , Always friends

We have to live in harmony
Even though we may disagree
Fighting each other, is not the answer
But sharing the greatest gift, Oooo
Let’s be enriched with peace and love
Having compassion from above
Never forsaking just understanding
Ain’t that what families are made of

Always sister and brother

Always Sisters, Always Friends

No matter what may come or go
We stick together and it shows
This bond between us
Foundation is trust
That’s what true family is all about.

We really gotta’ learn to love each other
I need to stick real close by your side
There’s no way that we can live without each other
So why do we try

Forever and always , I’m always gonna be with you, always
Forever and always, No matter what you’re going through, always

I wish I had the original picture

Forever Sisters & Brothers 🙂

Song: Always Sisters by Cece Winans