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He Looked beyond My Faults and healed me

Song: He looked beyond my faults by Vanessa Bell

Sharing your struggles can sometimes be very uncomfortable, especially as want people to think we have everything together. However, this is not always the case and we don’t encounter some valleys and trials.

Since Wednesday I was very down, distressed and troubled inside of me.  I was going through so much pain that I almost collapsed because it was all too much for me. Because of this, I stopped praying and reading my bible. This mid-morning and afternoon while I was fellowshipping with God Something divine happened to me . As my heart was bleeding profusely from my battles in life. I was tried and exhausted and I didn’t feel the urge to pray. However, I felt that it was alright and I was at peace and because the Spirit makes intercessions and groans in which we cannot express (Romans 8:26). In other words, I felt that at this particular  time, God wanted to heal the pain and hurt that had kept me bound and stopped me from prayer and intercession.  As I was in fellowship with God,  I was in another place, a place that was so peaceful and where my joy, faith, and love was recovered, where it didn’t matter if I made if I stumbled because his forgiveness was more than enough to remove all mistakes. So I just quietly sat as He heard all my pain, troubles, concerns  and healed me from my agonies and lifted me. Throughout my fellowship,  tears just continues to flow from my eyes down to my chin as the power of the Holy Spirit continued to administer to me and heal me. (Psalm 55:22, 1 Peter 5:7).  So rest assured and know that God does understand our hurts and feelings by opening ourselves to him and pray as well.

doc 120

It’s not easy when the valleys come in your life and the natural tendency for me is to withdraw or allow my circumstances to dictate my life  But not I know, I can run to Him who understands me feelings and in Him, my faith, love, peace abides in Him. I don’t need to fix everything,  rather, I want to trust in Him with all of my heart and lean not unto my own understanding (Proverbs 3:5), even if it means, people cut me out or don’t wish the best for me.

I really don’t know what to say but say  thank you Jesus, because you looked beyond my faults and who other people or even myself would condemn me for, and you saw the best in me. In you I am made whole  ( scripture which I got from bible study on Friday). Keep holding on, and you will see the light at the end of the tunnel. Just as this song above healing. I pray, that it may bring healing to your life as well.


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Anzac Day / CHIME choir ANZAC concert

April 25th also known as Anzac day holds a profound meaning to all Australians. It was the day where the Australians and New Zealand Army Corp landed on the Gallipoli Peninusla in 1915 . Moreover,  it marks a day of remembrance of soldiers who died during that war.


On Thursday, I went to the Federation square to watch the choir CHIME, the Exaudi Youth Choir, CHIME Brass Ensemble along with a well know tenor Roy Best  performed a  list of songs dedicated to ANZAC day.  What moved me the most was the music by these choirs. Listening to songs of heartbreaking mother leave their husbands and sons with high hopes of seeing them again, and the Australia’s folk song, Waltzing Matilda. The emotion and the signification of Anzac day was reflected by these songs . Personally, it was certainly a time to remember how soldiers sacrificed their lives.


One thing I truly missed from high school is in English where we used to talk about Anzac day .  It’s been around almost 8 years and I have still kept my copy of the novel Solider boy. This was a true  story about a boy named Jim who was an inexperienced and enthusiastic school boy who became Australian’s youngest known Anzac.  James Martin life and the life of the other soldiers was not a non insignificant part of Australia’s story and have left a legacy of their bravery.

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old;
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them. -Australian War Memorial


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Off she goes

Don’t you love skyping your siblings?

My sister said:

“Sometimes favour is shown by watching your flight door close before your eyes after running for it like your Usain Bolt, but then getting a free ticket while everyone around you is paying for theirs #Perspective — atMelbourne International Airport. So off she she went to Camberra for her interview for Occupational Therapy?

I’m praying for you

Kay’s Question: Do you have siblings? If so, do you fight or get along with them?

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Song: Arabesque by Claude Debussy

I fell in love again like many other days. No one told me to love the piano. I was infatuated to melodious tune that can be played and heard from it.

52 white keys and 36 black keys making 88  keys from notes to A, B, C , E, F, G. With these notes can usher a person  into a realm of imaginative possibilities. Reading music is like speaking in another language with no words sometimes. Musical symbols, tempo, articulation can paint words, story, emotions without speaking a single word at times. Like with spoken language music language is always developing and has the power the change the atmosphere of wherever you are. I have returned to my good old friend piano and he has been waiting for a very long time.

Last week, I cleaned my dusty old keyboard.  I am ready to fall in love and play the piano once again and start my piano examinations.


cropped-img_20130402_164816-1.jpgKay’s Question: My favourite genre to is classical music and American Gospel. What is your favourite genre?


Nutrition promotion @ home

This week, I was down with the flu which kept me at home this week. Nonetheless, this did not stop me from having nutrition promotion at home.

So far, I have been trying a new  vegetable that I haven’t been using very much which were:

  • Brussel sprout– Roasted Brussel sprouts with garlic and rosemary
  • Butternut pumpkin– Roasted vegetables
  • Cauliflower– Beef curry with mixed vegetables.
  • Dutch Carrots – Roasted dutch carrots with horse radish dip

Dutch carrots

The results were a major hit, NO LEFTOVERS for every meal.

I was happy to hear from my dad that his health has improved when he went to Dr. Boltin (family Doctor). He also mentioned that he has much more energy than usual and has learnt a few recipes that he has been making by himself and has expanded his food choice  and still enjoys a nice hot chocolate muffin :).

One thing that I have been noticing is that when its my turn to prepare lunch or dinner is that  almost at least one person asks me what am I making. What I didn’t realize is that when I explain a bout a certain food, my family becomes more interested in that food and they become more keen in how they can also apply these principles in making their foods. Yesterday my  younger brother (Bunmi) helped me make beef curry. He learnt how the vegetables are cut, and when to add each recipe to the curry. To my surprise ate all  4 vegetables ( for a teenager, that is what you call a miracle).  Maybe he enjoyed the conversation while preparing lunch, or the fact that this curry had beef this time around, who knows.


When it comes to food preparation, but I love it, it gives me a chance to work, catch up on conversations with my family. For me personally, that’s what makes food prep in the kitchen even better. At the end of the day, I try to incorporate a new fruit, vegetable or food in my diet which  is another part of enjoying  optimal nutrition and more importantly, enjoying what you eat :).

Next weeks new foods:

  • Parsnip – Pasta 
  • Green beans- Stir fry or roasted
  • Witlof – ??