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Song: Arabesque by Claude Debussy

I fell in love again like many other days. No one told me to love the piano. I was infatuated to melodious tune that can be played and heard from it.

52 white keys and 36 black keys making 88  keys from notes to A, B, C , E, F, G. With these notes can usher a person  into a realm of imaginative possibilities. Reading music is like speaking in another language with no words sometimes. Musical symbols, tempo, articulation can paint words, story, emotions without speaking a single word at times. Like with spoken language music language is always developing and has the power the change the atmosphere of wherever you are. I have returned to my good old friend piano and he has been waiting for a very long time.

Last week, I cleaned my dusty old keyboard.  I am ready to fall in love and play the piano once again and start my piano examinations.


cropped-img_20130402_164816-1.jpgKay’s Question: My favourite genre to is classical music and American Gospel. What is your favourite genre?


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