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Pear, grape rocket salad with wholegrain honey mustard vinaigrette

I have been on a roll on posting food blog recipes. That may be due to the 6 six drafts that I still have to go and I still need to post about my day trip and holiday in Canberra so stay tuned to next weeks post. But for now, let us talk about FOOD!! ūüôā

Sometimes looks can be very deceiving. This was especially the case when I saw this as a side dish for lunch with the kids. Despite this weird looking salad, it is always recommended by Lena to try every food that is presented during lunch so that the children will also be encouraged to try meals with vegetables. So I really encouraged the kids ‚ÄúJust try ONE bite and you‚Äôll never see it the same again‚ÄĚ I told them. I know I did ūüôā

I Just love the look of this salad :)

You should have seen their expressions on their faces ‚ÄúWE WANT MORE!!!!!! All of their plates were completely empty. The salad of imagination was a complete success once again ūüôā and made washing a whole lot easier ūüôā

Go to the Austrlian Pears Facebook page

For many years, I never used to eat pears. However, I fell in love with this dish as soon as I took my first bite. Now I use pears in various types of foods from oat bran topping for brekkie to even on pizzas (thanks to the free book I received from Woolworths). The good news is that pears are still in season in Melbourne. So I like to buy my pears at my local fruit store since they are cheap and fresh from the farms in Melbourne.

This recipe is slightly modified from the original recipe. I have added walnuts and used wholegrain mustard combined with honey to make honey mustard dressing. Overall this salad has a sweet and savoury taste to it and this paring goes incredibly well with my home country dish Jollof rice (which I should post the recipe soon) or I like to eat a LARGE bowl of this salad.

For the recipe, please check out my second blog: Pear, grape rocket salad with wholegrain honey mustard vinaigrette 


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Kale and Mint Salad with Cranberries and Sunflower seeds

One thing that I have learnt which I supervise the children in the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden is that salads come in different shapes, colours, sizes (and nutrients too). More importantly, salad is not only limited to the so-called basic salad (lettuce, tomato). After a few classes of ‘salad of imagination’, the possibility of inventing your own salad becomes endless and making salads as a side dish to eat never becomes boring, in fact, it‚Äôs my favourite part of the meal most of the times.

Fallen Dried Cranberries 0_o

For this recipe, I love the hint of sweetness that comes from the dried cranberries that are buried within the salad.

Salad ready to be mixed

Another great aspect of this salad is the minty aromatic smell from the fresh mint along with the light dressing which does not overpower the overall flavour of the dish.Sunflowers seeds are rich in Vitamin E, and I love sprinkling them into salads when I don’t have any other nuts or chicken available in the kitchen since I keep a bulk supply of sunflower seeds.

The highlight of this dish is allowing the flavours to combine and the kale leaves also softens after its being massaged with the other ingredients.


This recipe was derived from Kemi’s raw kitchen:¬†Kale and Mint Salad with Cranberries and Sunflower seeds. My next attempt in making this, I would like to try dried apricots :).

For the recipe, please check out my second blog Nutritious Living:

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A Nutritious Journey

Hi everyone,

Just letting you know for those who are following this site. I am moving all of ¬†the cooking, culinary skills and nutrition advice to my new website Nutritious Kitchen Journal. This will be my blog where I write my¬†thoughts¬†and my journey of becoming a future dietitian and educator in regards to nutrition promotion ¬†ūüôā




Minestrone Soup!

What woke me up at 6:00am on a Sunday morning was the sound of the rain drops falling on our tinned roof, producing that exact frequency and precise pitch, which was comforting and soothing to my ears drums. I glanced across my window watching the dark grey clouds dominate the sky,while wrapped in a warm cosy blanket, which made me even more drowsy.

“Five minutes just, five minutes pleaseeeeee” I repeated to myself before getting out of bed. Funny thing how that five minutes¬†always¬†turns into 1 hour. Well thank goodness it was¬†Sunday.

Every step along the dark hallway was the like stepping on ice, even though I was wearing socks, my feet were so cold that I felt a¬†tingling¬†sensation all around my feet. It was like electrical currents passing through my ankles all the way to the tip of my toes. I was looking for Ugg shoes. I don’t usually wear them, but once I¬†slipped¬†my two feet into these shoes of paradise , there was no¬†turing¬†back. Taking these shoes off was no longer an option.

You know what else is comforting when its cold and raining outside? SOUP!!!!!

Both my friends Ashley and Ashley (yep it’s two people), and I have an¬†obsession¬†for soup. Getting canned soup from the supermarket is¬†convenient¬†and quick when you on the run. However, you¬†absolutely¬†cannot compare the quality of the¬†flavour¬†homemade¬†soup with canned soup. There is something sentimental about making you own soup at home giving it that extra¬†burst¬†of unique flavours, driving the winter blues away, that is whether you eating enjoying soup in¬†solitude¬†or with a group of family¬†and¬†friends. After all, I love¬†watching¬†how each food¬†ingredient is combined to prepare the finial dish.

Bitter cold days/nights definitely calls for liquid nourishment, and this soup recipe is just what the doctor ordered! It is also a great way adding different vegetables in your diet as you will obtain fibre and a whole range of other important nutrients to keep your body healthy.

You can experiment with different vegetables and different seasonings, then you will have a warm homemade soup that literally will give you peace of mind ( which kept my taste buds happy :)).

And how could I forgot the tea. ( My current obsession at the moment is green tea jasmine). Happy Sunday!!!!

I’d like to dedicate this post to both of my soup buddies Ashley and Ashley (or should I say ash^2 ¬†^-^, let’s have soup together soon.

This recipe was adapted from the following website. in this recipie, I used beef strips instead of bacon and the four canned bean mix instead of  kidney beans as well as adding cauliflower and zucchini .The website includes more information on how to freeze, thaw and re-heat the soup. However, being in a family of 7, this soup will most likely be consumed in a matter of minutes.


Quiet Saturday

There are days where I feel like going out to the city with all of its¬†splendour, shops and cafe’s. Everywhere you turn to you will either see people or¬†vehicles in every direction (well that depends where you are in the city).

But, it was really nice to relax at home (for once) after a busy and demanding week at uni testing participants. To also remind myself that¬†“This is the day that the Lord has made; I will rejoice and be glad in it”¬†Psalm 118:24:

Today my sister and I both had the same idea, that is to adopt a healthy diet. We wanted to make a lunch that was practicable, and enjoyable for the both of us to prepare since we both acknowledged that our eating habits over the past few weeks has been a complete travesty. So we decided to make an eggplant lasagna for our lunch.  Personally what I loved about this dish is the classic paring of tomato and basil which brings overall flavor, along with the melted cheese on top.

Eating lunch¬†on a quiet¬†Saturday, and sipping green tea with Jasmine. Good times ūüôā

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Mediterranean Quinoa Salad

On  hot summer days do you feel like:

A) Your appetite has decreased

B) Your appetite has increased

C) Both fluctuate from time to time.

D) None of the above

I was thinking of walking to the supermarket, despite the blazing heat ( Well it wasn’t as hot as I imagined). My sister decided to tag along and take advantage of the cool breeze, and to go for some exercise. It was sure nice to have company, and share a ¬†conversation, as we slowly made our way to the supermarket.

I was planning to make a light meal that was cool, refreshing. More importantly. I wanted a meal that did not require much¬†preparation/ cooking time, as I really didn’t feel like making a meal which required more than 15 minutes.

One thing I love about the supermarket I go to is that there is always a sale.

¬†Luckily¬†it was Quinoa, the prime¬†ingredient¬†of today’s recipe.

Quinoa (KEEN-WAH)  is an edible grain, native to the South Americans. There is a lot of sources which talk about how Quinoa can be added to a balanced nutritious meal. Here are a few pointers.

  • It is gluten-free and wheat free making it safe for those who have a wheat allergy, gluten intolerance or coeliac disease, as quinoa can almost be substituted for any other grain.
  • ¬†It is a good¬†source¬†of fiber and has a low-GI, which is important in regulating blood sugar levels stable.

For more information:

For those who have tried quinoa often describe both the texture and flavour as a fluffy, creamy with a slight nutty al dente¬†texture,¬†“which makes it an excellent alternative to rice or couscous”.

The Mediterranean Quinoa salad is a fun and vibrant way of whipping a salad , which encapsulates the traditional Mediterranean flavours, making a lovely and unique salad.

What I enjoyed about this recipe was that I was completely satisfied (not full) after having the salad and a mini chicken schnitzel, which¬†didn’t¬†leave that uncomfortable heavy feeling when you have eaten a lot of food.

There is a good amount of fibre (from the vegetables and Quinoa ) and protein ( from the feta and Quinoa). This combination is suggested to help you feel fuller and control satiety levels, which people who are trying to lose weight may find useful.

After having a bite of this yummy salad, I already knew that the salad as well Quinoa was going to be a part of my staple diet. Cooking with Quinoa offers a lot of exciting and delicious possibilities, which can be adapted into a healthy balanced diet. I Suggest looking for recipes and guides in how you can you can benefit from this nutrient dense food (Refer to some link below this post resource section).

After having a nice light dish, I was still able to go for another brisk walk and to enjoy watching the setting of the sun.

To find this recipe check Sarah’s Blog:¬†


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Laurent Boulangerie-Patisserie

Laurent Boillon the (founder)  a professional chef who trained at the world-famous Lenotre in Paris.


(Front view on Laurent patisserie.)

It was a Tuesday afternoon, the weather was sunny and calm, naturally I was feeling hungry at this time around.

My friend (Luke) and I decided to have our Lunch at Lauent, a French patisserie, which was nestled along little Collins street, adjacent to a small alleyway. The building stood out from the rest of the buildings in this street. So I was  curious to find out what was waiting inside.

These are the four words which summed up my first impression of this place. Sublime, Elegant, Sophisticated and classy! The entire atmosphere was simply divine, marble floor, the lighting, swish staff uniforms, curved staircase (my favorite) and the charming black and gold rimmed coffee cups.


(The moment you step inside you will feel like that you just arrived in Paris!!)

What caught my attention immediately was the wide range intricate cakes, freshly baked bread and mouthwatering savories, which was designed to accommodate a diverse range flavors to suit different moods and occasions.


(On the left one of the few selection of cakes. on the right the food cabinet.)

It took some time for us to order, due our indecisiveness, eventually we did manage to make an order. Luke ordered for the Roast Lamb in Turkish bread with avocado and Christine.

Personally I have an immerse love for sandwiches and was looking for something fruity as a luxurious treat, so I ordered a Salad Baguette  and the Tart aux Fraises (Strawberry Tart).

(On the left Ham Baguette and Tuna Foccacia from bernsy blog spot. On the right Salad Baguette.)

It took some time to get out meals but it was worth the wait The ingredients were fresh and the sandwiches were well presented. These are certain not your everyday lunch sandwiches. I really enjoyed the unique Laurent dressing which is the epitome of the Salad Baguette. The bread was absolutely delicious, nice and crusty on the outside and soft on the inside. The bread also had a nice aroma.  What we noticed was that the majority of the focaccia and Baguettes are served cold. However you can ask the staff to toast it, and they would be more than happy to do so.

To top it all off our delectable and luxurious treats were exquisite. I had no complaints with mine. The strawberry tart was fresh, fruity and creamy.:) The Christine which was comprised of chocolate mousse, macadamia nuts and crème brulee was luscious and divine.


Overall I enjoyed the whole experience. For some it may be a little bit on the pricey side. However Laurent does have it strong points, a charming cafe which radiates a strong sense to European/French vibe. For people who love indulging in cakes and freshly made sand-witches, Laurent is a great place to try out.


For more information please visit their website

Main $3- $20

Location: 306 Little Collins St
Melbourne 3000 VIC

Number: (03) 9654 1011 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (03) 9654 1011      end_of_the_skype_highlighting ‎

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