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Honey Sesame Tempeh and Spicy quinoa Salad

If you are looking for a dish that looks good, taste good and that can be prepared in 30 minutes, then CONTINUE TO READ THIS POST.

In all honesty, Monday was one of those days where I just didn’t feel like cooking (GASP). I just wanted to quickly make something rather than ordering Dominos (which I knew I was going to regret eventually If I ate the whole pizza to myself) .Nevertheless, I remembered that I bought tempeh specifically for this recipe and thought to myself. “Well, why not give it a try” and thank goodness I did.

doc 1056

Personally, I think the way how food is presented can be an important indicator in regards to how food is perceived and accepted, especially in children. However, there are some foods no matter how you present mashed lentils it would look hideous, but would still taste great nonetheless.

This recipe was adapted from the website Eating Well. In this recipe, I tried adding zucchini and red capsicum which turned out great as it appealing colours to the dish.

doc 1022

The texture of tempeh is similar to meat, so this dish could be a great alternative if you are looking for a vegetarian meal. While my brother does not like tofu or soybeans at ALL!!  he thought the tempeh was pork before eating and  finished the salad with no complaints!!!! (even though he knew it was tempeh).

doc 1017

One of the best parts of making this salad was plating it up.

doc 1032

First the quinoa

doc 1034

Then the carrots and zucchini

doc 1038

The honey sesame tempeh

doc 1044

Spring Onions (scallion)

doc 1048

Last but not least, red Capsicum and Chilli. It looked too good to be mixed. However, another great part of this salad was mixing all of the flavours together. 🙂 Something tells me that this will be definitely be made again this week :).

For the recipe, please check out my second blog: Honey Sesame Tempeh and Spicy quinoa Salad



Dark Chocolate Ganache Tart with Raspberries and Lavender cream

One way how I love to reward myself (after organizing 1,000 papers of data for my research study), is to make a homemade delicious dessert. Last week, I went to the Ashcombe Lavender garden maze with the Deakin Toastmaster members. While being surrounded by fresh scent of lavender, I remembered Fiona’s recipe in the second season of Master Chef and I knew I had to make her dessert as my reward.

Before I even took a bite out of this lovely treat, I just loved the lovely fragrance of the lavender when it is combined with the cream and dark chocolate Ganache. While I was eating the tart, I envisioned myself having high tea with delectable treats in a fancy and elegant café chatting with friends. (~ah, how I love to daydream :)). During these special moments, I always like to remind myself that a healthy diet with (exercise of course) can also include an occasional treat which makes eating healthy not so rigid and more enjoyable.

doc 1012

Stressed is just desserts spelled backwards – Unknown quote.

For the recipe, please check out my second blog: Dark chocolate Ganache

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Always sisters forever brothers

I have a confession. Around 10 years ago, I could not stand my sister. She used to annoy me so MUCH!!!!She told me the same thing . I realized when you grow older in life, you start to  realize that you only get one chance in living. This brought me to my senses and made appreciate my siblings. We are different, but we respect each other and now we have become like best friends.  This song I’ve posted is originally decided to sisters. But today, I would like to personalize it in regards my relationship with my sister. Just as she supported me when I graduated, I was more than happy to take the best pictures and make it her day. Wooooooo!!!!!!
Always Sisters, & brothers  Always Friends 
Always Sisters, & brothers, Always Friends
Let’s stay real close till the end
Forgiving each other, letting love cover
Always Sisters & brothers , Always friends

We have to live in harmony
Even though we may disagree
Fighting each other, is not the answer
But sharing the greatest gift, Oooo
Let’s be enriched with peace and love
Having compassion from above
Never forsaking just understanding
Ain’t that what families are made of

Always sister and brother

Always Sisters, Always Friends

No matter what may come or go
We stick together and it shows
This bond between us
Foundation is trust
That’s what true family is all about.

We really gotta’ learn to love each other
I need to stick real close by your side
There’s no way that we can live without each other
So why do we try

Forever and always , I’m always gonna be with you, always
Forever and always, No matter what you’re going through, always

I wish I had the original picture

Forever Sisters & Brothers 🙂

Song: Always Sisters by Cece Winans

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Garden Maze

I have always loved back when in high school , when we had to grow our own vegetable patch for a whole semester in agriculture. I remember that our group grew beetroot, lettuce and snow peas. It was so much fun, (I mean who would want to be stuck in class, when you could be out on a sunny day, since it was spring at the time 🙂 )

Growing your own plants can be rewarding and great way to enjoy the outdoors, and to get some sunlight, fresh air. It can also be a another way of getting to know your community a bit better if you are keen on participating in community gardens. Plus you get to pick the fruit and vegetables and get that satisfaction of knowing that you worked hard to grow them.

When I was  in my first year of uni, even though I was pursing a nutrition degree, I chose plant science as one of my electives. My friends were scratching their heads in disbelief, and you could easily easy their  facial expression “What on earth is he thinking. Man I wanted to pick another elective and get out of this unit like a roadrunner”.

Many people that I know seem to have a nice connection with their plants, gardens, landscapes and the environment. I totally agree with them when it comes to this idea.

I was inspired for my love for plants and the environment when I was given two free plants from Plant Life Balance on my way to work. I was given instructions in regards to how to take care of them. It seemed like a route and a total bore watering them and seeing no growth at that day. But when the days and weeks pass by, you do see how your plant frondescence into new leaves or blossom into incredible stunning flowers.

Plus they add a nice touch to the room. 😉

Because  of this I bought even more plants 🙂


It was one of those hot sunny days again. The Adegbola Brothers (Abimbola and Bunmi) made their way to the enchanted maze in Mornington Peninsula.

Personally I love going outdoor, especially when it involves seeing new and unfamiliar landscapes and the environment . I feel like  I can let my mind take a break and relax from all of the bombardments of thoughts that usually occur in my mind.


I was immediately drawn  into the whole scenery, it was so calm and peaceful.

There were so many different types of mazes, which made the experience even more exciting.

If you like going outdoors and solving small puzzles, and like to have no form of navigation, well then the enchanted garden maze might be a place you might want to visit next time.

We thought it would be fun to separate and go our own way.

That’s when until I didn’t really see anyone for a while. My idiosyncratic behavior of clapping my hands to locate my brother probably wasn’t the best way of getting their attention.

Then finally we all found other. We went to other mazes until we thought we should call it a day.

How do you like to spend your outdoors?

  • play sports,
  • go for a walk/jog,
  • gardening.
  • Go out with friends?
  • or something else that is not in this list??? 🙂

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Mid morning muffins and grapes

The idea of waking up, and smelling fresh muffins baking in the oven sounds like it’s worth getting out of bed. Well too bad no one was at home when I was making these muffins.

I have a confession to make. I am one those people who is skeptical when it comes to baking. Ask me anything but baking. I love baking but I’m not really good at it (Trust me). Maybe because I have never really baked over the past few years , and the first strawberry cake I made (which was not from the Sara lee  premix cake selection)  absolutely shocking. But I am firm believer that practice does make perfect, which always helps me to turn learn from my past mistakes when I bake something new.

I was reading the Coles and the Woolsworths free monthly magazine. I always read the lunch sections first, as they have amazing lunch recipes for kids going to school and also adults as well. These magazines are really great and interesting to read. I really do suggest visiting to your nearest supermarket store and grabbing a free copy of these magazines. If you are learning how to cook, want to find easy and simple recipes, find meals that are budget friendly and even more, I’m sure these magazines will have a worthy spot in your bookshelf or household.


Anyway back to my disccusion. Considering how my brother (Bunmi) enjoyes muffins and fruit, and we don’t usually have muffins, this recipe seemed like a good one to try out.

Feel free to try other fruit if you don’t like dried apricots. Also I included crushed walnuts in this recipe.

I was so caught with the busyness of work and other errands of the day, that  complete I forgot that it was my dad’s birthday (Whoops). He a a few and came back for a few more. Who knew that a few small muffins made a huge smile on dads face saying much he enough his so called birthday cake or I should say  “birthday muffin cake” :P, which not only made his day but also mine.

This recipe makes about 12 muffins.

Preparation: 10 minutes                                                Cooking: 25 minutes.


  • 1 1/2 cups self- rasing flour
  • 200g Dried or diced apricots.
  • 1/3 cup brown sugar
  • 3/4 buttermilk
  • 1/2 cup vegetable oil
  • 2 Eggs
  • Icing sugar to dust and green grapes or any fruit that you like to serve.


  1. Preheat tghe oven to 190 degrees Celsius  or 170 degrees Celsius fan. Line a 12- Hole, 1/3 Cup capacity muffin pan with paper cases.
  2. Combine the self-raising flour, apricots, brown sugar in a large bowl. Also add the buttermilk, oil and eggs and Whisk all of the ingrediants together. Be careful not to over mix. Fill the prepared pan.
  3. Allow muffins to bake for 20-25 minutes, or the top of the muffin springs back when lightly touched.
  4.  Allow muffins to cool on a wire rack . Light dust the icing sugar  on top of the muffins and serve with green grapes.

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Watermelon Crush

I woke up bright and early and decided to go outside for a nice walk around the neighborhood. I stared deep into the pure blue sky. The birds were chirping their own melodious tune, as they perched on the tree branches. The leaves were swayed by the winds gentle breeze, along with my skin being soaked up by the warmthness of the delicate sun beam. “Ahh  the perfect summer has arrived” I thought to myself.

…………….Well at least that’s I thought it would be like before I went outside and watched the forecast. Instead it was forty one degrees Celsius, there were no clouds to cover the suns excruciating rays, no birds, no movement in the air. Not sound to be found. The scorching heat and silence dominated the whole premises. The place was desolate. Going for a walk was no longer an option.

As I went inside the supermarket what immediately caught my attention was the watermelon. The watermelon was on special 0.95 cents for 1/4 of a watermelon. This was great since I had already had a recipe in mind, which required a watermelon.

This recipe is an ideal summer beverage as it is very easy to prepare, requires little kitchen utensils and equipment. What I love about this cool beverage is that the flavours are simple. The watermelon is sweet, juicy and is refreshing, (since a watermelon consist of 92% water). On the other hand the ice and mint form a thick and frosty fruit crush.  If you like a hint of tang in your drink, then adding a hint lemon juice would be a good option.

The blending of the ingredients does not destroy the fiber found in the watermelon. This is a perfect combination as both fiber and water are important in bowel function and regulation.

My youngest brother simply loved this drink that he chucked his chocolate milk drink, (which he thought was refreshing in this heat)  and pleaded me to make another watermelon crush. So off to the store I went (since I wanted one myself too :P).

This recipe was adapted from the book: The Australian W omen’s Weekly 1000 Best recipes from AWW. Thanks jummy 🙂 for letting me use this book.


  • 5 minutes makes 1 Cup (250ml)


  • 450g Watermelon flesh.
  • 4 Mint leaves coarsely chopped. And a few leaves to garnish the drink (optional)
  • 1/2 or 1 cup ice ( Depending on how thick you want your crush).
  • 1 Tablespoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice. (optional)


  1.  Wash the mint leaves.
  2.  Carefully remove the watermelon rind (the green part).
  3. Put all in ingredients into the blender.
  4.  Blend all the ingredients until the  has a smooth and thick texture.
  5. Add additional mint leaves on top of the watermelon crush.

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Strawberry Shortcake

There’s nothing like the smell of a homemade cake, cookies or freshly baked bread in the oven.  Originally I was going to make a strawberry tart recipe from master chef, however my first attempt was a complete failure :( , so I thought I should stick to something a little more realistic.

I have never really considered myself a person who bakes, in fact the only cake/pie that I have probably baked was a  Sara Lee apple crumble pie :) . However I wanted to really to start learning the acquired skills for not only baking but cooking as well. So here goes my second attempt of baking.

Making the shortcakes wasn’t too bad, I did managed to mix all of the ingredients together without a food processor/ electric mixer ( i used a blender instead), but it took longer than I expected. Forming the dough into a smooth ball was a problem for me since it was incredibly sticky, so I needed to cover the dough with a bit of flour.

Instead of buying whipped cream, I decided to make my own from scratch, for the strawberry shortcakes i used pouring cream to make the whipped cream.  After whisking the cream for a long period of time like 2-3 minutes it started to become fluffy, the whipped cream is now ready, i used vanilla extract and some icing sugar to flavor the whipped cream (Got that from the master series 2 recipe book).

After chilling the dough I completing forgot that I did not have a cookie cutter to cut them into perfect shapes, I was looking around  and the only I kitchen utensil I found at the time was a Santa Claus  tin cake , ( Well Christmas is coming). So I had to use a small knife, though it wasn’t the best circle shape,  it still got the job done :) .

Well there you have it, here is the strawberry shortcake, actually there supposed to be 7 of  ( I wonder where they all went?) . Overall I enjoyed the whole expirience (not cleaning the kitchen since it was a huge mess) and everyone enjoyed their yummy treats .  For the topping I followed the recipe from the Master chef series 2 recipe book. Here is a link to another very good recipe for making strawberry shortcakes. I got this recipe for the shortcake from a children cook book.