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Ten Tips to stay mentally healthy | Tip #3 Connect with others

Today’s third tip from the ten tips to stay mentally healthy is to connect with others. (I could go on and on about this, but the sake of this post, I’ll summarize the main point that I would like to discuss).

In both primary and in high school, I perceived myself as an introvert and didn’t really like others meddling into my business (which I’ll explain in this post later). However, there was a paradigm shift in regards to my perception of relating to others around 3 years ago. Ever since I was exposed to uni and different people throughout my life ,they way how I converse with other has changed for the better. This was also the case in terms of my relationship with my family, especially when my dad had a stroke and my friend who was in a car accident.

Over the years, I have learnt one of the most valuable lessons in life, that is even if you are the wealthiest man or women on earth, you still can’t put a price on a healthy relationship. True happiness comes from a relationship that is strong, sincere, inspirational and valuable.That is we want to spend more time with the people who we love and care for, the people who are dear to us. By investing time to build and maintain  relationships with the people who count in my life  has brought me peace and happiness, self confidence, a zest for life and laughter which are all vital for mental health and well being.

When life throws a heavy curve ball, I usually like to close myself from everyone and pretend that everything is rosy. Nevertheless, it is superficial thinking that nothing bad would come my way. As hard as it may sound, if we don’t experience the difficulties and hardship of life, it’s hard to appreciate the goods things in life that I sometimes take for granted. I remember last year when I did had a major breakdown during the middle of my honours. I was holding so much pressure and emotional stress with so many different areas of my life to the point I didn’t force myself to cry, it just came naturally. After all there is only so much one can bottle up until pressure from the bottle starts to implode and too much stress is what induces so many chronic diseases. When both the amigos asked what was wrong, I was hesitant to tell them what was going on at that point in time of my life.  I felt uncomfortable and vulnerable sharing my issues with someone outside my family. Nonetheless, I believe making that step was not easy, but eventually, I did opened a door to a deeper relationship that you could say is imperishable to me. In other words, I made a concrete decision to trust and I felt at peace. I believe you are a blessed person if you have someone dear in your life who takes the time to listen to you, recognize you for your differences. Heck, you might not even like the same things, nonetheless, you still respect the difference between your friendship and trust each other. All of these are ingredients to healthy ongoing relationship.

When talking to other people, I believe we all want to feel like were being heard without being criticized and that our words counts. More importantly we want to feel like we are loved which makes us feel important to both our and someone elses life. Encouraging words can be like honeycomb, sweet and soothing to the soul which I see this with my family, amigos, friends, people at both my church and in the Church of Glory and more.

Whether your an introvert, extrovert or both, I believe that we were all desire social relationship, even if you have experienced some negative relationships. We want to share our words, time with others who enjoy your presence. I have met people who had abused my trust and this had led me to become bitter and resentful as they moved on with their lives not even considering the scars that they left inside of me. At that time, I initially made up my mind to withdraw myself from other people so that I wouldn’t experience those unwanted feelings. But the problem with that mode of thinking was once I closed myself from people, I remained stagnant .I realized I was losing the opportunity to meet other people who change, inspire, people who I could love. At that moment a light bulb flashed inside myself head and I realized how I would regret if I continued to reject others. I don’t know when, but someday I believed I would meet people who would be ready to listen and share my pain (not to have pity, but to empathize) (which did came true). In other words, the beauty of life is that there are  people in life waiting to get to know the real you.

At the end of the day, connecting with our loved ones, the people who you can trust can open doors to happiness, joy and a sense of vitality for life. When you feel down, there will be others who are waiting because you matter. Even  the bible said that it is not good for man/woman to be alone. Therefore, we were not designed to live our lives in isolation, but rather, share the gift of life with others in harmony.



Kay’s question: The people who are dear to my life are my family, friends and the amigos, how about you?



Nutrition promotion @ home

This week, I was down with the flu which kept me at home this week. Nonetheless, this did not stop me from having nutrition promotion at home.

So far, I have been trying a new  vegetable that I haven’t been using very much which were:

  • Brussel sprout– Roasted Brussel sprouts with garlic and rosemary
  • Butternut pumpkin– Roasted vegetables
  • Cauliflower– Beef curry with mixed vegetables.
  • Dutch Carrots – Roasted dutch carrots with horse radish dip

Dutch carrots

The results were a major hit, NO LEFTOVERS for every meal.

I was happy to hear from my dad that his health has improved when he went to Dr. Boltin (family Doctor). He also mentioned that he has much more energy than usual and has learnt a few recipes that he has been making by himself and has expanded his food choice  and still enjoys a nice hot chocolate muffin :).

One thing that I have been noticing is that when its my turn to prepare lunch or dinner is that  almost at least one person asks me what am I making. What I didn’t realize is that when I explain a bout a certain food, my family becomes more interested in that food and they become more keen in how they can also apply these principles in making their foods. Yesterday my  younger brother (Bunmi) helped me make beef curry. He learnt how the vegetables are cut, and when to add each recipe to the curry. To my surprise ate all  4 vegetables ( for a teenager, that is what you call a miracle).  Maybe he enjoyed the conversation while preparing lunch, or the fact that this curry had beef this time around, who knows.


When it comes to food preparation, but I love it, it gives me a chance to work, catch up on conversations with my family. For me personally, that’s what makes food prep in the kitchen even better. At the end of the day, I try to incorporate a new fruit, vegetable or food in my diet which  is another part of enjoying  optimal nutrition and more importantly, enjoying what you eat :).

Next weeks new foods:

  • Parsnip – Pasta 
  • Green beans- Stir fry or roasted
  • Witlof – ??


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Always sisters forever brothers

I have a confession. Around 10 years ago, I could not stand my sister. She used to annoy me so MUCH!!!!She told me the same thing . I realized when you grow older in life, you start to  realize that you only get one chance in living. This brought me to my senses and made appreciate my siblings. We are different, but we respect each other and now we have become like best friends.  This song I’ve posted is originally decided to sisters. But today, I would like to personalize it in regards my relationship with my sister. Just as she supported me when I graduated, I was more than happy to take the best pictures and make it her day. Wooooooo!!!!!!
Always Sisters, & brothers  Always Friends 
Always Sisters, & brothers, Always Friends
Let’s stay real close till the end
Forgiving each other, letting love cover
Always Sisters & brothers , Always friends

We have to live in harmony
Even though we may disagree
Fighting each other, is not the answer
But sharing the greatest gift, Oooo
Let’s be enriched with peace and love
Having compassion from above
Never forsaking just understanding
Ain’t that what families are made of

Always sister and brother

Always Sisters, Always Friends

No matter what may come or go
We stick together and it shows
This bond between us
Foundation is trust
That’s what true family is all about.

We really gotta’ learn to love each other
I need to stick real close by your side
There’s no way that we can live without each other
So why do we try

Forever and always , I’m always gonna be with you, always
Forever and always, No matter what you’re going through, always

I wish I had the original picture

Forever Sisters & Brothers 🙂

Song: Always Sisters by Cece Winans

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Nutrition Promotion

It was about 2 years ago since my dad had a stroke while driving and was admitted to Alfred Hospital. The chances of him living very slim and we thought that we were going to lose him (this seriously needs another post to talk about this story). Glory be to God, he was fine, but needed to take lots of rest and the stroke did affect him to some degree. Our GP has told him that his blood pressure is very high, therefore, he still needs to be careful of what he eats. But the thing is our family (I think on my dad’s side has had a history of high blood pressure =| ).


I was very happy to hear when my dad told me that he is serious about taking the initiative to live a healthy lifestyle. I felt like I was on top of the world.


So we decided to go to Victoria Market to buy our fresh produce. We were walking around different stores. The first thing a friend recommended for my dad to include in his diet was kale, which I agree 100%.  So we bought three bunches of kale . While we bought our produce, he asked so many questions such as “what is this?”, “how can something with this fruit? ” What health benefits does it provide? To be honest, I was quite happy answering all the questions, because I was teaching the different nutrients that the fruits and vegetables consists of and how it can help nourish the body. I started to teach him how and where and how to buy  fresh produce and taught him how to prepare certain meals from the food that we bought. This sentence kept resounding in my mind

I love nutrition promotion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yummy nectarines

In Nigeria, there’s a saying which goes like this,

Charity begins at home.


In the future, Right now, I am really keen in providing nutrition counselling and teaching people culinary skills, which can used to suit each persons  cultural and personal food preferences. In order for me to do this, I need to start helping improve the nutrition and health with my family. While teaching my dad about these simple skills helped improved his eating style and his health. By replacing the mother energy drink (which he drinks ONLY because its sweets), he swiped around a quarter of the amount of sugar that is recommended for adults to consume. As a result,  I believe that is a good start rather than eliminating all added sugar, which would be more tedious .


Because he has developed these skills, he is able to choose healthier choices more often, and I still find OK when occasionally indulges in a sweet treat, because healthy eating does include eating the things you love as well in moderation. this is also influenced my younger brother as he looks what my dad is eating. Overall nutrition promotion has brought my family closer and has improved my dads nutrition by taking small steps rather than changing his whole diet completely.

I  decided to take an online unit on nutrition promotion via Couersa (thanks Ashely for introducing me to this website) as I am keen on expanding my knowledge in this field and applying this to a culinary perspective. Surprisingly there are a lot of programs in Melbourne dedicated to nutrition promotion. this year, I’m interested in participating in the cooking demonstration for Nutrition Australia. I very excited about this because it also enables me to get to know the community.


I won’t lie, sometimes I do get a bit frustrated when I’m watching a Korean drama ( Yes I love Korean drama) , and I have to stop the drama about seven times, to show my dad how to cut and de-seed a pomegranate, julienne a carrot etc. But at the same time, I remind myself, that I am also learning new skills for the future as well.

Egg plant

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It was a Saturday morning and the Adegbola brother (Abimbola and Bunmi and I) all wanted to catch up and play a board game. So we all decided


I’m not a very competitive person when it comes to games, competitions and who can do something the best. However, this game is an expectation to what I’ve just said. I am a complete different person who screams, sadistic (when some lands on my property). On the other hand, I am ready to pounce  on you if I have to pay your rent especially if I land at  Oxford, Regent, Bond street,  or Park-lane and Mayfair.

Despite all of the screaming and warfare going on, we all do it for the sake on fun ( or maybe in my case, I want to be a monopolist, who knows :P).

This game brought back old memories because we all haven’t played this game for a long time. Best of all, it was fun and I really enjoyed the time I spent with my brothers since we’ve all been busy and have all agreed that we want to reduce our screening time on the computer and TV, and compensate this time for more outdoor activities.

For me personally, these activities  gives me an opportunity to make time for my family who are all important in my life. We carry each other burdens and try to understand the other person point of view  even if it is contrary to the way we usually think or respond.

Spending time with each family member. If you don’t usually talk your siblings or have arguments and fights ( which still happens in my case), turn a new leaf aside, reconciliation, forgive and let this be a new journey for you getting closer and understanding your family, there a blessing in your life.

“What can you do to promote world peace? Go home and love your family.”
Mother Teresa

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What is Christmas to you?

Christmas is coming!!   Christmas tree

In the  beauty and glamor that surrounds us. The warm cosy feeling of sharing delicious food, laughing and spending precious time with family and loved ones, Christmas is  a very special day to many people across the globe.

I don’t know what this day might mean to you, a “Happy holiday”, or think of it as another day.December 25th is a day set aside to acknowledge and celebrate the birth of Jesus, and to understand the purpose of Jesus Christ.

Where are you going to spend Christmas????

Gifts come in all sort of shapes and sizes. Personally I believe that it is a blessing to offer a gift to those that we love and care for.

But today I would like to just stop and take the time to share one reason why this day is so special.

If we look deeper into the birth of Jesus in Matthew chapter 2 we find that the types of gifts here are known as “grace gifts”, (which were given by not only the wise men but  also God himself) . These types of gifts are gifts from the heart and there are impossible to measure the cost, a gift which says that ” I value you”.

If we read verse 9- 11″  After they had heard the king, they went on their way, and the star they had seen in the east went ahead of them until it stopped over the place where the child was. When they saw the star, they were overjoyed On coming to the house, they saw the child with his mother Mary, and they bowed down and worshiped him. Then they opened their treasures and presented him with gifts of gold and of incense and of myrrh.”

The wise men had never seen Jesus before, yet they understood  the importance of Jesus birth. Linking this passage to John 3:16  this always reminds me that Jesus is the greatest gift of all, who came to save us. That is when I realized the importance of a gift that you may offer/receive, but to also consider what the gift  REPRESENTS.

As I have mentioned before, you may have not the money to the buy a gift that you were hoping to give, but let tell you that there are some gifts that you can still offer, which don’t have a price tag attached to them. The value that you place on a relationship, the service you offer to anyone are also forms of gifts too. Last but not least my favourite the gift of memories. I have remembered times where the encouragement and the company of a friend and family has been more than enough, during  times of needs, hardship, breakdown,hopelessness. Personally I could never put a price on these moments, as they are memories that I will always be grateful for.

Merry Christmas :)

Whatever you have desired to give, even if you feel it is small or insignificant, let us give out of love, joy not out of reluctance or obligation because it’s that times where everyone else exchanges gifts. This brings me to a very important question for all of us to think about. How do we give back to the one who has given Himself (Jesus)?.

Well that’s all for me today , have a merry Christmas everyone, eat, smile , laugh, be merry and remember something good for me 🙂