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Kale and Mint Salad with Cranberries and Sunflower seeds

One thing that I have learnt which I supervise the children in the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden is that salads come in different shapes, colours, sizes (and nutrients too). More importantly, salad is not only limited to the so-called basic salad (lettuce, tomato). After a few classes of ‘salad of imagination’, the possibility of inventing your own salad becomes endless and making salads as a side dish to eat never becomes boring, in fact, it’s my favourite part of the meal most of the times.

Fallen Dried Cranberries 0_o

For this recipe, I love the hint of sweetness that comes from the dried cranberries that are buried within the salad.

Salad ready to be mixed

Another great aspect of this salad is the minty aromatic smell from the fresh mint along with the light dressing which does not overpower the overall flavour of the dish.Sunflowers seeds are rich in Vitamin E, and I love sprinkling them into salads when I don’t have any other nuts or chicken available in the kitchen since I keep a bulk supply of sunflower seeds.

The highlight of this dish is allowing the flavours to combine and the kale leaves also softens after its being massaged with the other ingredients.


This recipe was derived from Kemi’s raw kitchen: Kale and Mint Salad with Cranberries and Sunflower seeds. My next attempt in making this, I would like to try dried apricots :).

For the recipe, please check out my second blog Nutritious Living:


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First and foremost, I wanted to say that I’m sorry for being MIA (Missing in action) for more than 2 months!!! The easy thing for me to say is that life just got busy. However, that was not the case for my long absence of blogging. There was something else that hindered me from blogging.

Say hello to my nemesis


Believe it or not, this issue of perfectionism started when I went to university at La Trobe hoping to transfer to Monash University to apply for Nutrition and dietetics. I always thought that I should always strive to achieve the best that I can do. Nevertheless, the dreadful thing about perfectionism is that sometimes it can be deceptive, meaning that I raised incredibly high standards that are either not idealistic or way beyond my skills (probably by watching others), yet I still think!  I can achieve it, not realizing after I fail miserably and become deflated.

For example, when I am plating food for a photo shoot, each component of food  MUST be at a precise point. (This is bad, but I remember when I took a shot of a salad that I a made, I moved the walnut 2 cm apart from the rocket and I was not impressed with the overall picture (which in fact NOTHING WAS WRONG WITH THE photo. It was just my perception.

  • Or when I’m learning a new piece for piano, I expect to learn for my mistakes just like snapping my fingers. One note must not be wrong, otherwise, I just think that the whole piece sounds wrong, even if the notes that I played after the wrong note was played with accuracy and eloquence.
  • Or the worst, when I was writing my literature review, I wouldn’t write until I had the exact words to convey certain points from other scientific journals.

Believe it or not, there’s more, but I’ll spare the details otherwise, you’ll still be reading this post until Christmas with my dilemma of perfectionism.

Therefore, I realized that this often leads me to focus way too much on the task and my time is also wasted which could be used more productively. Also I start to lose the enjoyment of learning techniques such photography, piano and even evaluations at Deakin Toastmasters when I focus of on getting things 100% right or having things and learning is a wonderful experience. What’s even worse is that I start to lose my passion for these things and questions why I go even blog, desire to combine food styling, culinary skills in promoting a healthy lifestyle.  It’s OK to dream big, however, I like to think of a dream is like it’s a life  long  journey where small steps represents tasks that I have achieved moving me closer to my journey. When I want everything right, its like every step becomes harder and feels exhausting.  As much I hate to admit, when a child who first rides their bike will fall and cry because it hurts. In my short comings, I am learning not to overstate the negatives and the skills that I still haven’t learnt yet. Rather sometimes unexpected mistakes may even lead us to our goals and dreams. So when I do fall or things just don’t go the way as I planned them out to be, I will remind myself to not just stop, because the beauty of life can also be from learning from our mistakes which makes us wiser than we were yesterday, (that if we choose to acknowledge that we have a problem of course). So many great people like Thomas Edison who had to go through more than 1000 attempts in creating the light bulb that we have today. While from his story we can learn the power of persistence, he also chose not to focus on the invention being so perfect and if it was not successful, he tried again until the bulb stared to shine.

But I am learning that perfection isn’t what matters. In fact, it’s the very thing that can destroy you if you let it.”
Emily Giffin

Smile blueberry

Some ways how I am learning to tackle perfectionism is:

Learn to react to positive constructive feedback especially as I am writing a paper from my previous Honours study hopefully trying to get it published with the help of my supervisor.

To implement healthy goal striving in the form of short and long-term goals that are reasonable and achieve able and to reward myself when I have achieved those goals.

To take pleasure of the process of learning because we can always learn something in this life. Everyone is unique in their own way and to not be too hard on myself (Just start blogging again lol).

I’m ready to experience the next chapter of my life as I feel that are I wonderfully things waiting ahead. Knowing that I have perfectionism is vital, but talking steps to change these behaviours will be a beneficial change for the future ahead 🙂

Kay’s Questions: Are you a perfectionist like myself??


Jam and Cream – Brunch with friends

Sometimes the best places are not those with flashy signs, fine exterior design outside the store or popular  places that are always packed with people. Rather this store had a sentimental and nogalastic feeling (which I will explain in this post shortly).

It was around 25 degrees, lovely weather to go for high tea and having lively conversations with friends after finishing with our studies. “Everything was perfect” I said to myself,  I mean what could go wrong.


something did go wrong…………………………………………………………………………………….

I was running 50 MINUTES LATE =S

To my surprise this place is just 2 minutes away from my old uni (La Trobe), however, my friend (Ashley Pwl) told me that this store had recently opened. Thank goodness she recommended this place.  Like a child who is excited when they approach a candy store , I did not know what to anticipate when I entered the store.

Walking inside the store was filled with old-fashioned kitchen ware like a rusty egg beater, mixing bowl and other kitchen utensils. As I glanced around the store that I never been to, nonetheless, it felt so familiar to me. All of the knitwear and toys triggered memories back into the 90’s when I was in primary school and shows like Johnson and friends, Barbar the Elephant and other ABC shows.  It was like going to nana’s (even though I don’t have one =|).

Looking around see I saw mini cupcakes sweets in those traditional jar ware and lollipops that make the lollipop lady’s sign look virtuous. As I made way to the table I could already sense the excitement coming from my friends as we were about to have our high tea :).

We were first served with our drinks and sandwiches which looked amazing not to mention delicious.

I decided not to order tea, because I already hot from running and puffing (maybe I should exercise more during the holidays). Thank goodness I did because this lemonade was great and I loved the straw too (I should have taken it home)

While sipping our tea and nibbling on our sandwiches the next order came which were the quiches, which I did not take a picture of. Why???? Well to cut a long story short. During my honours project I made around 300 quiches in the past 3 months Gasp***. It’s sad, but I can’t eat quiches like I used to before. Maybe I’ll come to like them ONE day.

Next in line were the sausage rolls. I loved how they were not too big, but at the same time not too small.

The highlight of todays brunch was the scones with freshly served jam and cream. After all, this place is called Jam and cream. It was funny how we all tried to be careful when eating our scones. Despite our exceptional table manners, we all managed to get our hands a bit messy from the icing 😛 whoopsie.

Finally to top it off, we had a variety of sweets, strawberry vanilla slices, banana bread, tea cake and fruit.

Walking into a store reminding you of your old childhood memories, enjoying high tea along with outbursts of vivacity is certainly a great way to enjoy your mid morning on a sunny day.


Good times


This week was of one those weeks where life threw a REALLY heavy curve ball at me,which influenced my motivation for this week. Sigh =_=****. The pressure and bombardments of life can sometimes weigh you down. Although there are times of solitude, a time to think things over by yourself, there are also a times where it was nice to be around people who energize  and make you feel like your un-top of the world. Today’s post I thought it would be nice to take a  small snap shot of a day with friends 🙂

AshieBee (Ashley Ng) BitterSweetDiagonsis.  Vivacious, kind-hearted,fun, caring,  and graceful. She is exciting and knows to how entertain, and make you feel good about yourself.

Ashely PwlorNot (Ashely Lau) Flavours to burn.  Cheerful, bubbly, admirable, all heart, gracious,  DIVA!!!!. A smile that is priceless, she will make you laugh till your socks come off.

We will always have something in our to do list that we may not finish (trust me, I can testify to that). Truth be told, we may not always be cross everything from the list.

Nonetheless, It’s important to realize to enjoy and appreciate the people around you who make you day even better, and to give yourself a pat on the back after a days worth of hard work 🙂

So have fun and run wild ( not too wild that will get you into mischief).

I will admit balancing uni, with other commitments is hard and is something that I am still learning. However I am 100% sure that including time to socialise with family or friends  will add something more meaningful to your day 🙂


Quiet Saturday

There are days where I feel like going out to the city with all of its splendour, shops and cafe’s. Everywhere you turn to you will either see people or vehicles in every direction (well that depends where you are in the city).

But, it was really nice to relax at home (for once) after a busy and demanding week at uni testing participants. To also remind myself that “This is the day that the Lord has made; I will rejoice and be glad in it” Psalm 118:24:

Today my sister and I both had the same idea, that is to adopt a healthy diet. We wanted to make a lunch that was practicable, and enjoyable for the both of us to prepare since we both acknowledged that our eating habits over the past few weeks has been a complete travesty. So we decided to make an eggplant lasagna for our lunch.  Personally what I loved about this dish is the classic paring of tomato and basil which brings overall flavor, along with the melted cheese on top.

Eating lunch on a quiet Saturday, and sipping green tea with Jasmine. Good times 🙂



I remember when it was Tuesday I went to my old Uni  and had a lovely lunch with my friend Vy, and also had a productive study session with Romina . It was great catching up, talking, you know what all happy uni students do when they have not seen their friends in a while. But most of all It made remember how great it is to really laugh so hard that people think you are crying and  you roll on the floor laughing (Ahh I love those hysterical moments)

                                                                         LIVE & LAUGH 🙂

I got these interesting points (from my really Old Youth bible), which talks about the power of laughter, and why we should include more laughter.

Need a reason to laugh? Consider these:

  • It takes 72 muscles to frown, but only fourteen to smile.
  • Laughing relieves stress. After you laugh , your blood pressure briefly falls below normal, breathing slows, and tension subsides.
  • A standford University doctors says that laughing 100 times a day is about the same amount of exercise as ten minutes of rowing a boat.
  • Laughing may release natural painkillers in your body that have been found to combat arthritis and other painful conditions.
  • Happy patients usually work harder to recover , ” say the humor coordinator at a hospital in New York. So the hospital has a humor room where patients can benefit from funny books, tapes and music.
  • Isaiah 40-11 gives us an even better reason to smile, laugh and celebrate  with joy. Read the promise that will bring smile back on your face.
So definitively cultivate  laugh and humor, or better be a comedian and make others laugh WITH you (maybe not AT YOU 🙂 ) with every given opportunity. It does wonders to the body and mind, at the end of the day you’ll feel more positive and a whole much happier 🙂