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Reflection: What to do you see?

It was pitch black. It felt like darkness consumed me all around and this precious blog. No writing, no movement, not a sound to be found. That’s how this blog has been like for the past two months. DESOLATE


I always like to ask myself, “what motivates me to continue blogging?”  I think this is something that all bloggers (and myself) need to remind ourselves one in a while especially when it involves re-igniting our passion. ( I can’t stand remaining stagnant when I know that I can move forward).

Blogging does takes some   time to write posts especially the ones with photos and recipes. Sometimes I even felt like I could be using my time more on other things and if it was even worth continuing blogging. However, I was reminded of how my passion for writing about life, photography, food and nutrition made a HUGE difference in people.  For some, it had changed their life entirely.

People have said to me” Kunle, when I see your photos and read your posts it is like as if I was there in the story and it feels so real and tangible to me”

I was shocked and at the same time happy to hear this. Because I am mostly writing about just the simple things in life that I appreciate or sometimes fail to see. Even if I help change or inspire even ONE person’s life for the better, this will still continue to bring me joy and happiness that even MONEY cannot buy.

Tomorrow Right now, I will continue to inspire others and myself though my Nutritious Memories that I always cherish in this blog.



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First and foremost, I wanted to say that I’m sorry for being MIA (Missing in action) for more than 2 months!!! The easy thing for me to say is that life just got busy. However, that was not the case for my long absence of blogging. There was something else that hindered me from blogging.

Say hello to my nemesis


Believe it or not, this issue of perfectionism started when I went to university at La Trobe hoping to transfer to Monash University to apply for Nutrition and dietetics. I always thought that I should always strive to achieve the best that I can do. Nevertheless, the dreadful thing about perfectionism is that sometimes it can be deceptive, meaning that I raised incredibly high standards that are either not idealistic or way beyond my skills (probably by watching others), yet I still think!  I can achieve it, not realizing after I fail miserably and become deflated.

For example, when I am plating food for a photo shoot, each component of food  MUST be at a precise point. (This is bad, but I remember when I took a shot of a salad that I a made, I moved the walnut 2 cm apart from the rocket and I was not impressed with the overall picture (which in fact NOTHING WAS WRONG WITH THE photo. It was just my perception.

  • Or when I’m learning a new piece for piano, I expect to learn for my mistakes just like snapping my fingers. One note must not be wrong, otherwise, I just think that the whole piece sounds wrong, even if the notes that I played after the wrong note was played with accuracy and eloquence.
  • Or the worst, when I was writing my literature review, I wouldn’t write until I had the exact words to convey certain points from other scientific journals.

Believe it or not, there’s more, but I’ll spare the details otherwise, you’ll still be reading this post until Christmas with my dilemma of perfectionism.

Therefore, I realized that this often leads me to focus way too much on the task and my time is also wasted which could be used more productively. Also I start to lose the enjoyment of learning techniques such photography, piano and even evaluations at Deakin Toastmasters when I focus of on getting things 100% right or having things and learning is a wonderful experience. What’s even worse is that I start to lose my passion for these things and questions why I go even blog, desire to combine food styling, culinary skills in promoting a healthy lifestyle.  It’s OK to dream big, however, I like to think of a dream is like it’s a life  long  journey where small steps represents tasks that I have achieved moving me closer to my journey. When I want everything right, its like every step becomes harder and feels exhausting.  As much I hate to admit, when a child who first rides their bike will fall and cry because it hurts. In my short comings, I am learning not to overstate the negatives and the skills that I still haven’t learnt yet. Rather sometimes unexpected mistakes may even lead us to our goals and dreams. So when I do fall or things just don’t go the way as I planned them out to be, I will remind myself to not just stop, because the beauty of life can also be from learning from our mistakes which makes us wiser than we were yesterday, (that if we choose to acknowledge that we have a problem of course). So many great people like Thomas Edison who had to go through more than 1000 attempts in creating the light bulb that we have today. While from his story we can learn the power of persistence, he also chose not to focus on the invention being so perfect and if it was not successful, he tried again until the bulb stared to shine.

But I am learning that perfection isn’t what matters. In fact, it’s the very thing that can destroy you if you let it.”
Emily Giffin

Smile blueberry

Some ways how I am learning to tackle perfectionism is:

Learn to react to positive constructive feedback especially as I am writing a paper from my previous Honours study hopefully trying to get it published with the help of my supervisor.

To implement healthy goal striving in the form of short and long-term goals that are reasonable and achieve able and to reward myself when I have achieved those goals.

To take pleasure of the process of learning because we can always learn something in this life. Everyone is unique in their own way and to not be too hard on myself (Just start blogging again lol).

I’m ready to experience the next chapter of my life as I feel that are I wonderfully things waiting ahead. Knowing that I have perfectionism is vital, but talking steps to change these behaviours will be a beneficial change for the future ahead 🙂

Kay’s Questions: Are you a perfectionist like myself??

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Walking into the New Year of 2012

The New Year is a time, which opens a new chapter in our lives. It signifies the start of something new/preexisting, where people grab their pens, paper and their thoughts, (or should I  now say for some their (iphones, blackberries, androids, etc) and start writing their New Year’s Resolutions). The fact that you have a goal or a resolution, shows that there is something important that you want to see and accomplish this year.

Even in this exciting moment of thinking of “NYS” and goals, I always wonder why some New Year’s Resolutions seem to go down the drain. I’ll admit I have a lot of thoughts and suggestions, but I think you’ll have to invite me to your next News Years party to discuss about this. In this post I’ll only discuss only one aspect.

This is an obvious one (but one I always seem to be a victim of). Just writing some goals down was simply not enough for me to keeping on running towards my goal. I needed a genuine reason why this is was important to me, and most importantly what was I going to do to in order to achieve my goals. This made me understand that my words should correlate with my actions. For example one of my goals was to sit for the Australian Music Examinations Board AMEB  piano grade 2 examination (which consisted of scales, 4 music pieces, aural and sight-reading), and to try an achieve a distinction, as it was my first examination in AMEB music. All the lessons, organizing times for practice, learning curves as well as hard effort and patience (and I mean PATIENCE) were all small stepping stones which led me to successfully pass my examination with a distinction :). If I did not make time for all of this, then I wouldn’t really be making much progress, and I probably would not have crossed this out of my list of goals for the year.

I’ve previously mentioned that maybe just writing may not be enough for some people. But there is something powerful when you stop and seriously take the time to, reflect and ask yourself a series of questions. The goals journal from kikki k was just great for this (used it last and now this year). Here are some of the few questions it has when deciding on a goal.

  1. Define your goal and set an achievable and measurable date for completion.
  2. Why do I want to achieve this goal?
  3. What is holding me back? What obstacles am I facing?
  4. Record each step you need to take.
  5. Describe your reward. ( And More)

S – Specific
M – Measurable
A- Attainable
R- Relevant
T- Time

Mostly importantly I wanted to walk into 2012, with a new mindset and change the way I how perceive situations, experiences and life.

Taking a peek inside the goals journal

I think exposure plays an essential role in our lives. Exposure challenges old thinking,  it changes the way how we see things, and open doors that you may not be familiar. Having the opportunity to exposure yourself by meeting new people, trying a new habit, etc may be what changes you as a person.

walking into an avenue full of leaves at melbourne uni

I needed a new mind over old issues, as my old way of thinking was not helping me out to tackle some problems and goals. If that was the case, then I thought to myself “I’ll never be able to overcome/ achieve them if I can’t think about the situation differently”.

I see lots of great things in the year of 2012 such as starting my Honours in Food science and Nutrition. This will be great year of divine transformation, processing, meeting new people and places and developing more hidden talents that I never knew existed in me. I hope you also feel the same way as well. What do you see in the year of 2012? do you see it as another year rolling by? I am hoping that this will be a year for you where all your resolutions become into reality.

Stay focused, work hard, look back at your resolutions, find people with similar resolutions, and I know you will surely achieve your goals for 2012.

Have a great year and remember something good for me.