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Spring is in the air

As I woke up this morning and went outside, suddenly, I felt a change in the atmosphere in the air. ahhh “Spring has arrived”.

Shy flower

Spring to me is the season of new life and bright colours. The days grow warmer and warmer and the branches start budding new blossoms and leaves. No one knows when each blossom will fall, but when they do, these delicate blossoms will graciously pirouette to the Spring gentle breeze reminding us all that the beauty of Spring can bring happiness into our day to day lives.

Budding vine

While reading your favourite book in the cold grassy patch, you never know when flower petals will fall into the pages of your book or if your having a picnic laughing with family and friends and playing Monopoly. Falling petals are unpredictable and have a mind of their own. Surprisingly, the chances of a petals falling on your head too are quite high (if your standing underneath a blossom tree of course).


Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning -Psalm 30:5

Like the flowers and leaves in all of its glory and splendor, we too can change and shine if we choose to think ahead and press on seeking that change so that we can  accomplish our dreams and purpose in life when the storms come. Don’t let this or any season pass by knowing that you have the power to make decisions that can determine where you want to be in life

Pink flower macro


Kay’s question: What do you like about spring”



My mum’s Fence adventure

She was walking across a grassy patch as the wind ruffled across her attractive gele (African hair – wrap).” Have mercy on me” my mum repeated when she heard she had to climb to sit on top of a fence for a mothers day shoot. ” OooOo, this boy is going to kill me as she tried to climb her fence with her Buba/Kaba (blouse) . Whilst doing so,  A warm smile duplicitously appeared on her face and I took a moment of silence reminiscing how great this mother is to us.

From 2 to 5 to 16 years I can still remember the  harsh experiences of life which has shaped up my mother and that she is still here with us today. ” Kunle, Kunle, are you OK ? She asked as she noticed though my smile that I was lost in my sadness. ” ll be there in a second”. Like other days, I stored my memories along the other memories I have about my mum (and family too, your loved too haha).

The Adegbola family wishes you an extraordinary happy mothers day.

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Autunm | Falling leaves

Today was another special day. I fell in love with Autumn again.


Autumn to me is the season of change. As the days grow shorter, the green chlorophyll  slowly starts to disappear which starts to form golden, amber, red pigmented leaves.

No one knows when each leaf falls, but when it does, these delicate leaves will graciously pirouette to the Autumn’s gentle breeze reminding us all that winter is just around the corner.

While reading a book in the cold grassy patch, you never know when leaves will fall into the pages of your book. Falling leaves are unpredictable and have a mind of their own. Surprisingly, the chances of a leaf falling on your head too are quite high (if your standing underneath a tree of course).

Watching the leaves gracefully fall is like watching  a kaleidoscope of colours descending to the ground. As the red and copped tinges leaves fall creating a  carpet. How I love to walk thorough a bunch of crisp and crunchy fallen leaves.

Best of all, you can pile up the leaves and jump straight into them no matter what age you are, which can only be done in Autumn.

Like a fine artist who uses his brush with great detail to portray a stunning portrait,the season Autumn also has the ability to draw people into a lovely scenery which makes me sometimes feel like I am in a live oil pastel painting exploring in the wood lands. As the leaves continue to fall, this reminds me again that Autumn is a season of change.

Like the leaves, we too can change for the better if we chose to think forward and press on seeking that change so that we can  accomplish our dreams and purpose in life.



Kay’s question: What do you like about autumn?? The leaves, breeze or the whole season??

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Ten Tips to stay mentally healthy | Tip #2 – Contribute to the community

Today’s second tip from the Ten Tips to stay mentally healthy is to contribute to the community: This can be in the form of helping your family, friends or in your local community.

I was brought up with a Nigerian Proverb  ” Kunle, charity always begins at home”

About last month, I suddenly had a passion to teach kids how prepare nutritious meals by using fresh vegetables from the garden. Therefore, I applied as a volunteer in the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program in South Brunswick Primary School. At first I was quite skeptical as I have never taught kids, and kids can smell your fear. Nonetheless, I told myself to do my best with a great big smile and to relax. To my surprise, the kids asked me if I was coming next week and the week after (wowww 0_0). I can’t tell you how happy this made me. I had the biggest smile for the whole day.


After watching all the kids enthusiasm for learning culinary technique and maintaining a clean kitchen from such a young age was inspiring. This helped me to relax and be myself and help make these session fun, practical and interactive so that hopefully they can apply these skills at home.  The fact that I am encouraging these kids to learn new skills and try vegetables from a variety of nationalities which makes them feel good about themselves, i’m speechless for words. I think I get the most out of this program, (even more than the experience that I am gaining).


While getting a job which pays is important for supporting yourself financially,  I get a special feeling after performing an altruistic act which is also known as the after glow. According to Lisa B. Marshall ” Afterglow grows out of what we give –not have”, and after glow lasts longer than pleasure. In fact, studies shows that people who volunteer for causes they fell strongly about are generally more happier people and score constantly higher on the happiness scale.

Smile blueberry

I was also eager to start a small herb garden in our house. I was inspired by my teacher Lena who her and her family (Italian) have a garden.  On Thursday, she noticed that I was feeling blue as the  taste (to me, it was a bit bland) turnip leek soup with kale and walnut garnish soup was not up to my standard.


Personally, I thought this was very thoughtful of her calling me the next day asking if I was OK. I could sense that she didn’t just call out of responsibility, but rather, she was concerned about my welfare. This made me feel appreciated and that I was important in the program and made me want to try making the soup again with a different class grade which was even better than my first attempt. (Back to the herb gardener.)

By going to nurseries  and talking to Lena, I wanted to start growing herbs at home so I had do some research. One thing about me is when I have an obsessive personality. When I am interested in something, I research that topic like no man business  and spends hours and HOURS until I’m satisfied with the information that I have collected. Staring this herb garden would a be a great way to encourage my dad and get him involved in starting a garden and promote more social interaction along with the nutrition promotion I teach at home with him. Also it would help save me time just picking the herbs I need from the garden when I need them as opposed to driving to the supermarket.


So the moral of the today’s tip is to  think about how you can freely give your time to give to others. it doesn’t have to be big, it be simple such as walking your neighbours dog, cleaning, or expressing sincere gratitude  As Lisa B. Marshall said ” You want to feel good, then do good”. If we ourselves are happy and vivacious, we can spend this to others and constantly choose to be happy with out lives and others.


Kay’s question: I enjoying helping out buying the fresh produce and helping others to prepare meals. How do you like to help other people?

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Song: Arabesque by Claude Debussy

I fell in love again like many other days. No one told me to love the piano. I was infatuated to melodious tune that can be played and heard from it.

52 white keys and 36 black keys making 88  keys from notes to A, B, C , E, F, G. With these notes can usher a person  into a realm of imaginative possibilities. Reading music is like speaking in another language with no words sometimes. Musical symbols, tempo, articulation can paint words, story, emotions without speaking a single word at times. Like with spoken language music language is always developing and has the power the change the atmosphere of wherever you are. I have returned to my good old friend piano and he has been waiting for a very long time.

Last week, I cleaned my dusty old keyboard.  I am ready to fall in love and play the piano once again and start my piano examinations.


cropped-img_20130402_164816-1.jpgKay’s Question: My favourite genre to is classical music and American Gospel. What is your favourite genre?


Nutrition promotion @ home

This week, I was down with the flu which kept me at home this week. Nonetheless, this did not stop me from having nutrition promotion at home.

So far, I have been trying a new  vegetable that I haven’t been using very much which were:

  • Brussel sprout– Roasted Brussel sprouts with garlic and rosemary
  • Butternut pumpkin– Roasted vegetables
  • Cauliflower– Beef curry with mixed vegetables.
  • Dutch Carrots – Roasted dutch carrots with horse radish dip

Dutch carrots

The results were a major hit, NO LEFTOVERS for every meal.

I was happy to hear from my dad that his health has improved when he went to Dr. Boltin (family Doctor). He also mentioned that he has much more energy than usual and has learnt a few recipes that he has been making by himself and has expanded his food choice  and still enjoys a nice hot chocolate muffin :).

One thing that I have been noticing is that when its my turn to prepare lunch or dinner is that  almost at least one person asks me what am I making. What I didn’t realize is that when I explain a bout a certain food, my family becomes more interested in that food and they become more keen in how they can also apply these principles in making their foods. Yesterday my  younger brother (Bunmi) helped me make beef curry. He learnt how the vegetables are cut, and when to add each recipe to the curry. To my surprise ate all  4 vegetables ( for a teenager, that is what you call a miracle).  Maybe he enjoyed the conversation while preparing lunch, or the fact that this curry had beef this time around, who knows.


When it comes to food preparation, but I love it, it gives me a chance to work, catch up on conversations with my family. For me personally, that’s what makes food prep in the kitchen even better. At the end of the day, I try to incorporate a new fruit, vegetable or food in my diet which  is another part of enjoying  optimal nutrition and more importantly, enjoying what you eat :).

Next weeks new foods:

  • Parsnip – Pasta 
  • Green beans- Stir fry or roasted
  • Witlof – ??