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Off she goes

Don’t you love skyping your siblings?

My sister said:

“Sometimes favour is shown by watching your flight door close before your eyes after running for it like your Usain Bolt, but then getting a free ticket while everyone around you is paying for theirs #Perspective — atMelbourne International Airport. So off she she went to Camberra for her interview for Occupational Therapy?

I’m praying for you

Kay’s Question: Do you have siblings? If so, do you fight or get along with them?


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Pep Talk


Today, I was challenged in regards to the last post I wrote about, which was  finding a career. Just after I published my last post, I got another letter saying that my application was not successful. This time, I didn’t feel so down.  I told myself that I will still continue to move on with life  and choose happiness, even when job hunting is difficult. Also a friend of mine sent this inspirational pep talk and I would love to share to all my reader.