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It was a Saturday morning and the Adegbola brother (Abimbola and Bunmi and I) all wanted to catch up and play a board game. So we all decided


I’m not a very competitive person when it comes to games, competitions and who can do something the best. However, this game is an expectation to what I’ve just said. I am a complete different person who screams, sadistic (when some lands on my property). On the other hand, I am ready to pounce  on you if I have to pay your rent especially if I land at  Oxford, Regent, Bond street,  or Park-lane and Mayfair.

Despite all of the screaming and warfare going on, we all do it for the sake on fun ( or maybe in my case, I want to be a monopolist, who knows :P).

This game brought back old memories because we all haven’t played this game for a long time. Best of all, it was fun and I really enjoyed the time I spent with my brothers since we’ve all been busy and have all agreed that we want to reduce our screening time on the computer and TV, and compensate this time for more outdoor activities.

For me personally, these activities  gives me an opportunity to make time for my family who are all important in my life. We carry each other burdens and try to understand the other person point of view  even if it is contrary to the way we usually think or respond.

Spending time with each family member. If you don’t usually talk your siblings or have arguments and fights ( which still happens in my case), turn a new leaf aside, reconciliation, forgive and let this be a new journey for you getting closer and understanding your family, there a blessing in your life.

“What can you do to promote world peace? Go home and love your family.”
Mother Teresa



Jam and Cream – Brunch with friends

Sometimes the best places are not those with flashy signs, fine exterior design outside the store or popular  places that are always packed with people. Rather this store had a sentimental and nogalastic feeling (which I will explain in this post shortly).

It was around 25 degrees, lovely weather to go for high tea and having lively conversations with friends after finishing with our studies. “Everything was perfect” I said to myself,  I mean what could go wrong.


something did go wrong…………………………………………………………………………………….

I was running 50 MINUTES LATE =S

To my surprise this place is just 2 minutes away from my old uni (La Trobe), however, my friend (Ashley Pwl) told me that this store had recently opened. Thank goodness she recommended this place.  Like a child who is excited when they approach a candy store , I did not know what to anticipate when I entered the store.

Walking inside the store was filled with old-fashioned kitchen ware like a rusty egg beater, mixing bowl and other kitchen utensils. As I glanced around the store that I never been to, nonetheless, it felt so familiar to me. All of the knitwear and toys triggered memories back into the 90’s when I was in primary school and shows like Johnson and friends, Barbar the Elephant and other ABC shows.  It was like going to nana’s (even though I don’t have one =|).

Looking around see I saw mini cupcakes sweets in those traditional jar ware and lollipops that make the lollipop lady’s sign look virtuous. As I made way to the table I could already sense the excitement coming from my friends as we were about to have our high tea :).

We were first served with our drinks and sandwiches which looked amazing not to mention delicious.

I decided not to order tea, because I already hot from running and puffing (maybe I should exercise more during the holidays). Thank goodness I did because this lemonade was great and I loved the straw too (I should have taken it home)

While sipping our tea and nibbling on our sandwiches the next order came which were the quiches, which I did not take a picture of. Why???? Well to cut a long story short. During my honours project I made around 300 quiches in the past 3 months Gasp***. It’s sad, but I can’t eat quiches like I used to before. Maybe I’ll come to like them ONE day.

Next in line were the sausage rolls. I loved how they were not too big, but at the same time not too small.

The highlight of todays brunch was the scones with freshly served jam and cream. After all, this place is called Jam and cream. It was funny how we all tried to be careful when eating our scones. Despite our exceptional table manners, we all managed to get our hands a bit messy from the icing 😛 whoopsie.

Finally to top it off, we had a variety of sweets, strawberry vanilla slices, banana bread, tea cake and fruit.

Walking into a store reminding you of your old childhood memories, enjoying high tea along with outbursts of vivacity is certainly a great way to enjoy your mid morning on a sunny day.