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Reflection: What to do you see?

It was pitch black. It felt like darkness consumed me all around and this precious blog. No writing, no movement, not a sound to be found. That’s how this blog has been like for the past two months. DESOLATE


I always like to ask myself, “what motivates me to continue blogging?”  I think this is something that all bloggers (and myself) need to remind ourselves one in a while especially when it involves re-igniting our passion. ( I can’t stand remaining stagnant when I know that I can move forward).

Blogging does takes some   time to write posts especially the ones with photos and recipes. Sometimes I even felt like I could be using my time more on other things and if it was even worth continuing blogging. However, I was reminded of how my passion for writing about life, photography, food and nutrition made a HUGE difference in people.  For some, it had changed their life entirely.

People have said to me” Kunle, when I see your photos and read your posts it is like as if I was there in the story and it feels so real and tangible to me”

I was shocked and at the same time happy to hear this. Because I am mostly writing about just the simple things in life that I appreciate or sometimes fail to see. Even if I help change or inspire even ONE person’s life for the better, this will still continue to bring me joy and happiness that even MONEY cannot buy.

Tomorrow Right now, I will continue to inspire others and myself though my Nutritious Memories that I always cherish in this blog.




Nutrition promotion @ home

This week, I was down with the flu which kept me at home this week. Nonetheless, this did not stop me from having nutrition promotion at home.

So far, I have been trying a new  vegetable that I haven’t been using very much which were:

  • Brussel sprout– Roasted Brussel sprouts with garlic and rosemary
  • Butternut pumpkin– Roasted vegetables
  • Cauliflower– Beef curry with mixed vegetables.
  • Dutch Carrots – Roasted dutch carrots with horse radish dip

Dutch carrots

The results were a major hit, NO LEFTOVERS for every meal.

I was happy to hear from my dad that his health has improved when he went to Dr. Boltin (family Doctor). He also mentioned that he has much more energy than usual and has learnt a few recipes that he has been making by himself and has expanded his food choice  and still enjoys a nice hot chocolate muffin :).

One thing that I have been noticing is that when its my turn to prepare lunch or dinner is that  almost at least one person asks me what am I making. What I didn’t realize is that when I explain a bout a certain food, my family becomes more interested in that food and they become more keen in how they can also apply these principles in making their foods. Yesterday my  younger brother (Bunmi) helped me make beef curry. He learnt how the vegetables are cut, and when to add each recipe to the curry. To my surprise ate all  4 vegetables ( for a teenager, that is what you call a miracle).  Maybe he enjoyed the conversation while preparing lunch, or the fact that this curry had beef this time around, who knows.


When it comes to food preparation, but I love it, it gives me a chance to work, catch up on conversations with my family. For me personally, that’s what makes food prep in the kitchen even better. At the end of the day, I try to incorporate a new fruit, vegetable or food in my diet which  is another part of enjoying  optimal nutrition and more importantly, enjoying what you eat :).

Next weeks new foods:

  • Parsnip – Pasta 
  • Green beans- Stir fry or roasted
  • Witlof – ??




To  Kunle Adegbola,

All applications have now been reviewed in accordance with our strict selection criteria and unfortunately on this occasion your application was unsuccessful.

We encourage you to register your interest on our website or contact us again should you see a position suitable to your skills and experience.


Does this sound familiar to you?

I have joined the bandwagon of students who have graduated  and now have to face the reality of looking for a job. To tell you the truth, two weeks ago, the process of applying and waiting for replies was frustrating. I mean, not having a job meant no money, eating spam 3 times a day, in a dilapidated  caravan, ok I’m just exaggerating). Nonetheless, this made me question whether if I had made the right decision to apply for intermission for Masters of Dietetics for 2014.  While part of my dream involves becoming a community dietician, I realized after 5 years of studying with no VACCATION, I decided that I needed to drop the nutrition books otherwise I would have burnt out in my studies.It wasn’t an easy decision for me to make and I actually planned to advance my studies this year after completing honours. After meeting a uni counsellor and I discussed that I felt exhausted mentally and physically and that my creativity and productivity has decreased last year. He also agreed with my decision of apply for intermission.  He also raised an important point, that was  how would I tell my friends that I won’t be studying this year? To be honest, that did not come across my mind when I was making this decision. I did tell my close friends that I needed to evaluate myself, time to think over things carefully and they supposed my decision (thank you guys :). Sometimes making these decision are scary as I don’t know what to expect.


Since I havent heard any replies, I didn’t want this to be an excuse for me to become a couch potato, complain  ” oh well, no one is giving me a job, let me just sit down watch TV, eat a bag of chips and call it day, NO WAY!!!!!! . The fact that I’m still looking for a job has not changed. However, my perspective towards the situation has changed for the better. I have decided that will continue to develop my career, even if it means I don’t have a job. I have 3 points, I am

1.  Focusing on my job as VP of education at Deakin Toastmasters where I am educating others and implementing  education programs that help refine people’s verbal communication and interpersonal skills. In fact, last week  I was invited as a speaker to present a speech to Deakin University English Language Institute (DUELI) students about Toastmasters . To my surprise, the students were quite intrested and one lady asked me if I was interested in doing another speech in the city which I was very happy to hear.

2.  Continuing to teach nutrition promotion at home to my family. i have also developed a new interest which is home economics and teaching with both adults and children.

3. Continuing my role as a research assistant at uni and to complete the 10 participants that are remaining.


Rather than complaining and moping around, these difficult situations are exposing and shaping me into a person who I thought I would have never become. Life does have its up and downs, but over time I am learning how to get back up on my feet and start walking towards my destination with more determination and passion than before. 

For me personally, when I do have those relapsing thoughts about no job I will remind myself to:

  • To let go and let God.
  • To pray until something happens and take action even if it means that I have to wait more than expected, because good things come in time.

doc 119

                                                                                         “Never stop praying” 1 Thessaloinans 5:18 (NLT) 


Good times


This week was of one those weeks where life threw a REALLY heavy curve ball at me,which influenced my motivation for this week. Sigh =_=****. The pressure and bombardments of life can sometimes weigh you down. Although there are times of solitude, a time to think things over by yourself, there are also a times where it was nice to be around people who energize  and make you feel like your un-top of the world. Today’s post I thought it would be nice to take a  small snap shot of a day with friends 🙂

AshieBee (Ashley Ng) BitterSweetDiagonsis.  Vivacious, kind-hearted,fun, caring,  and graceful. She is exciting and knows to how entertain, and make you feel good about yourself.

Ashely PwlorNot (Ashely Lau) Flavours to burn.  Cheerful, bubbly, admirable, all heart, gracious,  DIVA!!!!. A smile that is priceless, she will make you laugh till your socks come off.

We will always have something in our to do list that we may not finish (trust me, I can testify to that). Truth be told, we may not always be cross everything from the list.

Nonetheless, It’s important to realize to enjoy and appreciate the people around you who make you day even better, and to give yourself a pat on the back after a days worth of hard work 🙂

So have fun and run wild ( not too wild that will get you into mischief).

I will admit balancing uni, with other commitments is hard and is something that I am still learning. However I am 100% sure that including time to socialise with family or friends  will add something more meaningful to your day 🙂


Minestrone Soup!

What woke me up at 6:00am on a Sunday morning was the sound of the rain drops falling on our tinned roof, producing that exact frequency and precise pitch, which was comforting and soothing to my ears drums. I glanced across my window watching the dark grey clouds dominate the sky,while wrapped in a warm cosy blanket, which made me even more drowsy.

“Five minutes just, five minutes pleaseeeeee” I repeated to myself before getting out of bed. Funny thing how that five minutes always turns into 1 hour. Well thank goodness it was Sunday.

Every step along the dark hallway was the like stepping on ice, even though I was wearing socks, my feet were so cold that I felt a tingling sensation all around my feet. It was like electrical currents passing through my ankles all the way to the tip of my toes. I was looking for Ugg shoes. I don’t usually wear them, but once I slipped my two feet into these shoes of paradise , there was no turing back. Taking these shoes off was no longer an option.

You know what else is comforting when its cold and raining outside? SOUP!!!!!

Both my friends Ashley and Ashley (yep it’s two people), and I have an obsession for soup. Getting canned soup from the supermarket is convenient and quick when you on the run. However, you absolutely cannot compare the quality of the flavour homemade soup with canned soup. There is something sentimental about making you own soup at home giving it that extra burst of unique flavours, driving the winter blues away, that is whether you eating enjoying soup in solitude or with a group of family and friends. After all, I love watching how each food ingredient is combined to prepare the finial dish.

Bitter cold days/nights definitely calls for liquid nourishment, and this soup recipe is just what the doctor ordered! It is also a great way adding different vegetables in your diet as you will obtain fibre and a whole range of other important nutrients to keep your body healthy.

You can experiment with different vegetables and different seasonings, then you will have a warm homemade soup that literally will give you peace of mind ( which kept my taste buds happy :)).

And how could I forgot the tea. ( My current obsession at the moment is green tea jasmine). Happy Sunday!!!!

I’d like to dedicate this post to both of my soup buddies Ashley and Ashley (or should I say ash^2  ^-^, let’s have soup together soon.

This recipe was adapted from the following website. in this recipie, I used beef strips instead of bacon and the four canned bean mix instead of  kidney beans as well as adding cauliflower and zucchini .The website includes more information on how to freeze, thaw and re-heat the soup. However, being in a family of 7, this soup will most likely be consumed in a matter of minutes.

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Going Green: The Basics of making a salad

Greens and dark green leafy vegetables can be used in sandwiches, salads, as a side dish or even as a main meal. Despite their versatility, some people may have a somewhat aversion to the greens, or may find it challenging to incorporate these greeny leafy vegetables in their meals. Most answers that I usually hear are:

1.  I have the SAME tossed salad every time, so I don’t see the need to have it all the time.

2. I prefer food with more exotic flavors.

3. I’m not too sure how to prepare a salad that looks and tastes delicious.

Firstly I’d like to say that I have experienced all of the three categories that I mentioned above . However I also would like to point out that there are some alternatives  and ideas that you maybe overlooking, which may help make a salad a bit more interesting to eat.  First I am going to start with an analogy.  Cracking an egg and eating it raw does not sound too pleasant or tasty (Well at least in my case). Instead the egg can undergo different cooking procedures and with the right ingredients to make  scrambled eggs, poached eggs, french toast, or even omelette stuffed with your choice, which overall results in a fabulous meal. If you get this concept I’d like to use to this method with green leafy vegetables. A bowl of lettuce, with tomatoes and cucumber, really does not really sound pleasing to many people. People are aware and know that they are nutritious, but something still seems to be missing  . What I am trying to illustrate is that adding other ingredients (which I will discuss in this post) does helps make a difference. Before moving on  I would like to briefly discuss the common types of leafy green, where to find them, and their nutritional values.

Types of Leafy Greens

Cos & Baby cos hearts

Cos lettuce have long green leaves, which consists of a of a white rib, which runs along the center of the lettuce.  Cos lettuce leaves has a crisp and crunchy texture, along with a subtle sweet flavour.  As for Baby cos lettuce, they have a delicate flavor. These are generally available all year round. Cos lettuce is a suitable  leafy green to use in Caesars salads.


This is the most common and popular variety of lettuce, that most people would have comes across. Used in pretty everything from sandwiches to coleslaw.

Baby Spinach

Are soft tender in texture. They have a clean and mild flavor. They are perfect in sandwiches, salads, soups and pastas.

See: Different type of leafy greens for different types of  green leafy vegetables.

Nutritional Profile

Although the nutrition may differ in each leafy greens, generally they provide a good source of Vitamin B groups riboflavin, thiamine, niacin and B6 , C, E and K. As for minerals leafy greens are a good source of  folate, potassium, iron, magnesium, calcium and are also rich in antioxidants such as Beta- Carotene.

The iron in leafy greens is a non-heme iron from. The absorption of this form of iron is not as efficient as heme iron (which can found in meat, poultry and fish). To overcome this, drinking fruit juices rich in vitamin C does help increase the absorption of iron by converting  the non- heme iron into heme iron from, which can be readily absorbed thought the small intestine. This turns out be great (especially if you enjoy juice). But why not use it as an opportunity to add another serving of vegetables, as vegetables are also rich in vitamin C.  You’ll also receive a bonus of adding more antioxidants and nutrients that are so good for you.

The Basics of making a salad

If you feel like you don’t have the cooking skills or knowledge do not worry. Almost all salads preparations are suitable for even those who are beginners in the kitchen. Here are a few suggestions, which will help you enable to create a delicious salad.

1.Visit your local supermarket/ fruit or vegetable shop/ farmer’s market.

They usually have small brochures with description of leafy greens and how to use them. If in doubt the people work in the fresh food section would be more than happy to assist.

2. Try adding fruit to salad

Strawberries, grapes, and nectarines are good choices, especially mangoes .This can be your chance to experiment since mangoes are in season now. A mango salad mixed with leafy greens, baby spinach leaves, cucumber along with a light lime dressing is quite refreshing and delicious. (I’ll post a link for a few recipes under the resources section).

3. Try adding nuts 

Most people would probably say  that they are a bit high in fat (stay clear from the fats!!!). Yes that true nuts are quite energy dense. However the types of fats found in nuts are considered to be the  healthy fats, which I have mentioned in a previous post 101 on dietary fats .  Many studies show that consuming nuts a few times a week helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, but here’s the important point, portion control is crucial, the Heart Foundation suggests a  small handful (around 30 grams) of nuts. Nuts are also a great source of protein (suitable for vegetarians), fiber, minerals and also have antioxidants (Yes I know I’m always talking about the antioxidants, but you’ll get more benefits if you get antixodiants from various kinds of foods).

Try making your own dressing.

It’s very easy and interesting to make and is convenient, as you are in control of how much dressing you want to make. This is where exotic and unique flavors comes into play, as different cuisines (from the Mediterranean to Asians salads) have different ways creating  dressing and vinaigrette’s. Ever since I learned how to make different types of vinaigrette’s I can’t go back to the ones in the stores. It’s not that there all bad. Sometimes I think some dressings are a bit salty or overpowering. I believe it’s a manner of personal preference, just make sure if you do choose to buy ones in the stores watch for the sodium, especially the ones that are labeled fat-free. ( I’ll post a link that shows how to make a salad dressing, by my favorite nutritionist Nutrition Diva!!!!).

5. Consider adding some herbs.

Fresh herbs smell great and are like the finishing touches in many meals. Dietitian Karen Inges suggests that adding some herbs is an excellent way of boosting daily antioxidant intake and also aids in building the body’s defenses.

6. consider adding another serving of vegetables . Even mushrooms are perfect alternatives, or eggs.

Preparation and Storage

When buying salad greens in the store, try to look for crisp leaves, that have no traces of  discoloration, slime, or wilting. Always wash salad greens before using them to remove unwanted materials. Try to use them within a day or two in order to get the full flavor and freshness.

Hopefully when you feel comfortable in making salad try to incorporate this in most of your meals. I challenge you to try a new leafy green vegetable to make a salad,  instead of  buying pre-packaged salad, try going for the self- serve . The prices usually ranges $15.00 -18.99 kg, however  I usually get enough for 2 cups for 1 meal and it ranges from $.50 to $1.50. I find this cheaper and a great way of mixing other leafy greens. Don’t forget that 1 cup of leafy greens counts as 1 serving of vegetable intake.

Resources (Types of leafy greens) (How to Make the Perfect Salad Dressing ) (Mango Salad) ( Kitchen gardening Blog ). ( Recipes: Dressing and Vinaigrette). ( Recipes: Dressing and Vinaigrette). ( How to start a small garden).